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Learn How to Pass a Drug Test Quickly – The Truth Behind the Myth

When you look online for tips on how to pass a drug test, you will find a wide array of possibilities and most of them are myths. It is noticeable that people use various detox kits so that they can reduce the chances of being positive on the test.

For instance, the most common myth is that you can pass a drug test by drinking cranberry juice. However, that is not the case, and you will only put your body on health risks.

Have in mind that cranberry juice is a natural diuretic that features lots of antioxidants, and it is the healthiest way to detox and cleanse your body.

But since, THC enters fat cells, and if you are a regular consumer, you won’t be able to reduce the number of cannabinoids from your system. You will need at least a month to do it.

You can search online for information or watch videos in Youtube, like Drug Testing Reviews Youtube video, which will provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to passing a drug test.

Apart from that, it is vital to remember that if you drink large amounts of cranberry juice, you will change the pH levels of your urine, which means that it will become diluted.

In case that administrator notices that you modified your urine, they can fail the test up front, or make you take another specimen in the observed environment. For instance, cranberry juice is a great way to protect your immune system, avoid urinary infections and kidney stone, but for passing a drug test, you will be able to find other ways to prevent the undesirable outcome.

Another myth is using vinegar. This will only cause problems along the way. Since it has a dominant alkaline perspective, it will lower pH of your urine sample. Therefore, you will have a similar problem as the one with cranberry juice. At the same time, you can cause other issues such as diarrhea if you overdrink it.

How to Cleanse Yourself for A Drug Test?

The main problem is that we cannot find a perfect way that will help us remove toxins without some exclusive products. However, you have to be completely careful when you’re choosing to purchase any of these products.

Some agents will only mask the number of cannabinoids that you have in urine, but some advanced urine tests can determine what you did. Most people think that if they overdrink liquids and water, they will be able to cleanse themselves fast. However, water will also dilute urine, and that will be suspicious to administrators.

How to Produce Clean Urine?

THC is fat soluble, which means that you will find it in fat cells. Therefore, if you have more significant fat stores, then you will more likely have a problem during the detox. Cleansing your lipid tissue is challenging, and even though you’re using certified additions that will help you detox, most of them cannot wash fat cells from cannabinoids.

The best way to reduce the amount of THC from fat cells and to extract it is by exercising. Have in mind that THC will get out of the cells and enter your bloodstream again. Soon afterward it will reach your urine from the blood, and that is the point where you should try to cleanse it.

You should click here if you want to see what affects pH levels of urine.


We have mentioned above that consuming lots of liquids before the test can cause urine dilution. When you overdrink fluids, you will change pH levels of your urine, and there are chances that you can hide, or mask cannabinoids based on your metabolism.

Have in mind that most administrators will test your creatinine levels, and if the number reaches some point, it will tell them that you’ve diluted your urine. At the same time, diluted urine is clear, and it features no yellow color, so you have to find a way to color it so that it would appear normal.

It is essential to drink at least eight glasses of water before the test. Most people will start drinking as soon as they get information for testing, but that is useless. You have seen above that water won’t be able to cleanse your body from THC because it is not water soluble.

But with it, you can dilute your urine, but avoid drinking too much because you can get water intoxication or poisoning. You should also eat lots of red meat a few days before the test so that you can increase creatinine levels. That way, lab won’t be able to see whether you dilute your urine or not.

As the final substance, you should add to take between 50 and 100 milligrams of vitamin B complex. Some people would say that you can consume C vitamin, too, but the B complex is the best because it will color your urine and make it look natural.

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