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Know the Advantages of Using Site Mix Concrete in Comparison to Old Methods!

Are you planning on investing for your dream home? Have you made all the arrangements and now simply awaiting the final official procedure to be completed? Well, good wishes in that regard! However, building a house or any such building for commercial purposes is no less a feat. What is most important is that, there are certain integral matters that do not come to the forefront unless confronted.

Issues associated with construction process are one such feature that has to a great extent been reduced with usage of site mix concrete for construction purposes. In case you are new in this field, it is time that you make yourself aware of the issues that are generally faced in this field and alternatives that have been found to reduce this problem to a certain extent.


What problems does a construction pose for any individual?

In case you are new to this field of construction, there are a host of issues that a person has to face. Especially in areas wherein concrete has to be mixed and such other work is to be carried out, a number of issues can crop up.

Some of the major issues are:

  • During this concrete mixing process, there can be certain labour related issues that could lead to an excessive wastage of time.
  • There are chances of concrete being wasted to a great extent. With the increasing cost of concrete, this wastage should be avoided at all costs.
  • In case concrete is mixed at the very place where construction is taking place, there can be certain issues associated with storage of these materials.
  • Also, in case of flooring, there are certain complicacies, and given such problems in most cases, people prefer ready mix screed. Mixing this on site can result in a number of other complications.
  • Since, construction in itself is quite a time consuming work, hence, it is imperative that total time be reduced. With a readily made concrete mixture, this can be reduced.
  • Overall constructional costs are increased to a great extent in case of such additional works done at site of construction.

Thus, to a great extent all these problems crop up in a construction site and in present times there is a singular solution to this in the form of usage of site mix concrete.

Explaining ready mix concrete:

Alternatively known as site mix concrete, this is concrete mixture that is manufactured at the batching plant or a factory. In fair comparison to discrepancies that may occur due to manual mixing of concrete, this has a certain standard of precision and can be maintained throughout the life of that particular project.

Containing a mixture of water, Portland cement and aggregates such as gravel, sand and crushed stone among others, this ready mix concrete is directly delivered to construction site in a plastic or unhardened mode.

Benefits of using ready mix concrete:

Some of the most important features of this happen to be:

  • This to a great extent has minimised construction related time and financial aspects. Labour and storage costs are minimised and material wastage is eliminated a lot.
  • This ready mix concrete reduces lack of precision that is there in case of hand mixed concrete. As machines are used to mix this concrete, therefore a standard ratio is maintained that enables it to be precise. So you are bound to get superior quality concrete always.
  • This variety of concrete is extremely durable ensuring that it gives perfect value for your money.

Clearly, this is the ideal way out in present day construction.

Getting to the internal structure of the building:

There are other associated measures with a building that needs to be taken into consideration, and putting a layer on this concrete floor is surely one of them. A screed floor is this layer that is put on this concrete in ratio of 1:3 or 1:4:5. In such a scenario, it is best to use the ready mix screed variety.

Benefits of this type:

  • In fair comparison to on site screed mix, these mixtures are prepared in batch plants and passes quality tests as set by the European Union.
  • Since, this is readily made available; hence, there it is made with extreme precision. Chances of any error are nil.
  • This requires no specific storage space and can be directly used.

So, what are you waiting for? Layer your floor with ready mix screed now and see your construction shine!

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