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Key Elements for Branding Your eCommerce Store with Your Web Design

Branding can do much to increase your sales rates. A lot of focus has been given to branding techniques through social media platforms, but the way that you design your own eCommerce store has a lot to do with establishing and promoting your eCommerce store’s brand. Here are some of the key elements for creating an effective web design.


The first place that you start developing your brand is the logo. The logo itself needs to be clear and distinct so that people can easily recognize your business from the logo. Signs of a poor logo include unclear images, too many colors, lack of recognition, and the like. Try to choose a logo that captures the overall mood of your site and eCommerce store. It’s worth the investment, even if you have to pay a few hundred dollars for a logo. Just make sure that you check to make sure that the logo has not already been trademarked. Otherwise, you may be told to stop using it, even if you paid the artist for an original design.

Color Elements on the Page

T-Mobile actually launched a lawsuit against AT&T for using the bright magenta color that T-Mobile had incorporated into its web design and advertising. While they lost the claim that the bright magenta had become so associated with the T-Mobile brand that the color had developed a secondary meaning, they were correct that the color contributes to the overall brand and design. People associate the bright magenta with T-Mobile when they are thinking of phone services. Find colors that people can associate with your eCommerce store brand. When developing these color elements, you will want to make sure that you use the elements in the logo as well as the general web design. T-Mobile does this with a white and magenta based palette that remains quite simple and yet catchy. You can make just about any color palette work, whether you’re working with an eCommerce store built on technology web templates, your social media pages, or another place where you need to make your brand stand out.


You can use standard icons without a problem. However, if you want to increase your brand perception, take the time to customize your icons. Consider some of the icons used by the Apple brand. Mac computers come with a distinct set of icons as compared to the generic icons used with PC computers, and these distinct icons are part of the overall brand. When Mac users see those icons, they associate them with the Apple brand.

When developing a brand for your eCommerce store, it’s important to go beyond social media and the like. While these can be quite valuable, they are not the only methods for branding. Making the most of your web design requires incorporating a strong logo, color design, and icons into the overall theme of the site. Through these elements, you help to establish a more cohesive brand that will allow your customers to recognize your eCommerce store quickly and easily.

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