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Keep Your Company’s Data Secure by Partnering With A Professional Shredder

Keep Your Company’s Data Secure by Partnering With A Professional Shredder

Paper shredding offers a secure and convenient way to destroy paperwork, but it does not destroy the paper. If you do the work in-house, you still have to find a way to remove it and recycle it. Shredding is a necessity if you want to make sure the information that is held private is destroyed and your reputation remains intact. Shredding is not only necessary for keeping your own information confidential; it also builds trust with your clients.

Don’t Procrastinate – Set Up a Shredding Schedule

If you want to reduce the possibility of any information falling into the wrong hands, it is vital to partner with a shredding company. It certainly can be dangerous to wait until you have amassed a large amount of documentation. You don’t want to house large bags of paper. Not only can personal details be extracted, but paper is also a fire hazard. A regularly scheduled collection for shredding is therefore a requirement.

Companies like Paper Escape offer secure shredding solutions for their customers. Because much of the paperwork that is shredded is considered sensitive, not taking care of its removal can lead to serious problems, if not financial difficulties. You simply cannot allow account data, personnel files or receipts to sit in storage. Shredding this information will help prevent both identity and data theft, and will give your employees and customers more confidence.

Play It Safe

When a customer or employee gives you information, they expect that the data will be kept safe and secure. They are not giving you their personal details so they will be stolen or used for another purpose. Every piece of paper that is professionally shredded by an outside shredding service is disposed of so any salient details are erased. You simply cannot throw the paper away or set it aside for recycling, as doing so can endanger your reputation in the marketplace.

Whilst you could buy a shredder for in-house shredding and do the work yourself, you still won’t enjoy the same level of security that a shredding specialist provides. Otherwise, you would have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on an industrial quality shredder. Having a shredder also causes your in-house staff to spend a good deal of time on the activity. For example, if you have a good deal of waste paper, you might be spending much more time on shredding than on other essential activities.

A low throughput can cause an employee to spend a lengthy amount of time on shredding. If employees perform the task, they are usually not being used for some of the core responsibilities that are mandatory for the operation of a business.

Paper shredding is typically considered a tedious occupation by most people working in a company. If you want any waste paper or data shredded quickly and efficiently, you have to rely on the services of a professional shredder. A professional shredder will also shred and dispose of documentation according to the mandates set by the government. If you want to play it safe, you really don’t have any other option but to secure outside shredding services.

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