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Just Getting Going? 5 Ways To Give Your Startup A Boost

When you start up your own business things can get tricky. Research has shown that three or four businesses out of 10 will crash and only one or two of the businesses will produce “substantial returns”. In order to make sure your business will defy these odds, here are five great tips that can boost your business startup.

Pay Attention to Your Landscaping         

Nothing can turn customers off quicker than bad landscaping. It is a shrewd plan to ensure that both the interior and exterior of your business is as attractive as possible. The 80/20 rule says that 80% of your revenue will be derived from 20% of your clients. By maintaining a very attractive landscape you are ensuring the return of your customers.

Give Merchandise Away

If you have a sample of your merchandise it will instantly boost your appeal to a potential customer. Customers love something for nothing and once they find out you have samples they will be bringing their spouse to business.

Loosen Up

Customers like businesses that they think are affable and easy to talk to. Train your staff to listen to your potential customers and their concerns. Your potential customers should feel as if their questions were answered and their concerns were satisfied whether they became customers were not. To deliver satisfaction to your customers see them as human beings rather than pocketbooks.

Engage Your Customers

Don’t forget digital marketing. Consider finding a digital marketing company that can provide you with a blog, a Facebook account, and a Twitter account.

Use the social media to engage your customers in a two-way conversation. There’s nothing worse in business than speaking to the void. Give your customers something to respond to so they feel engaged. A customer service specialist from ROI Solutions says it’s vital to remain connected with your customers, so making communication a priority can be the key to your success. Make sure your customer service agents are well-trained, informed, and motivated to do their best for your customers. Running a poll and asking customers for their opinion is an excellent way to make them feel engaged while getting some important feedback on how they perceive your company.

Stay on Top Of Your Business

It doesn’t matter whether a business is been around for 60 years or for 60 minutes. It is absolutely crucial that you keep up with the times we are going to find yourself cut adrift and sinking faster than the Titanic. It is necessary to keep aware of what is hot in your industry. Keep an eye on your competitors and if they have begun to re-brand themselves make sure you know why.

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