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Rajasthan, a state in the north-west of India, pure fusion between animation, serenity, colors, and of course its heritage. the wooded hills of the Aravali Range, the picturesque lakes, the glittering Palace and the strong imposing, saris and turbans live, the Lively cities and quiet villages, the camels, elephants and tigers, the sun and the cool evening breeze make this place a choice for travellers.

Jagdish Temple

The temple of Jagdish figure among the jewels of the religious heritage of Udaipur. Housed in the complex of the palace of the city, this building built in the style of architecture Indo-Aryan houses sculptures and authentic statues.


The temple of Jagdish, also known under the name of Laxmi Narayan, was built in 1651 by the Maharana Jagat Singh. The latter ruled Udaipur between 1628 and 1653. The construction of this sanctuary dedicated to the Lord Vishnu requested a budget of 1.5 million rupees at the time.

According to the legend, the Temple of Jagdish would have a supernatural power. It contains a slab with the magic capacity to mitigate various evils. The pain of certain parts of the body is apaiseraient, or even disappear, the friction against the slab.

The temple has retained many of its sculptures, as those of elephants, horses and warriors, in major part damaged. The statues and engravings were destroyed by the Mughals after their defeat in the different battles that took place around the city.

Visit the Temple of Jagdish

The temple of Jagdish is one of the largest temples of the city of Udaipur. Dedicated to the curator of the universe, the Lord Vishnu, the building incorporates lush rooms, a carved ceiling and pillars finely engraved. Access to the Temple is done from the barapol the palace of the city.

The temple of Jagdish has three floors which all deserve the visit. Its tower rises to approximately 22 m in height and dominates the skyline of Udaipur. In passing the steps of the main complex, you can see the decorative statues of elephants. Although most of the sculptures are today in ruins, their distinctive traits demonstrate their beauty of yesteryear.

The walls of the temple and its sikhara is also decorate of authentic sculptures, illustrating between other dancers, riders and musicians. Do not miss the representations of Vishnu which describe the scenes from the life of Lord Krishna, the figurines of nymphs or Dances Apsaras, as well as the image in brass on Garuda.

Opening hours and Entry Fee

The temple of Jagdish is open to the visit all the days of the week, Monday to Sunday, from 5h to 21h. The entry is free. You can see on the guides speaking English and Hindi await you on place to optimize the discovery of temple.

How to get there?

Udaipur can be reached at the outset of the major Indian cities by plane, by luxury train, by taxi or bus. The temple of Jagdish stands in the center of the city, served by buses and other road transport from the airport or from the train station.

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