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Is Interior Designing For You?

Is Interior Designing For You?

What is interior designing? Interior designing is the art of decorating or designing the interior of your house to give it a much pleasant and coordinated look. A room which is properly decorated will add a modern and posh look to the whole house. It will also give out positive vibes from it. People, who will visit, will for sure get impressed.

But are you the one who is always getting compliments on your taste of interior designing? Are you the one who is always arranging the furniture? Do you love decorating various rooms in different styles? If yes then you were born an interior designer. You have got it all in you. But before you make interior designing as your career preference, remember that it might be a life altering choice. The challenges you will have to face on a daily basis might excite you, but many of them will also not appeal you.

Given below are certain things which you should keep in mind while pondering whether interior designing is the best option for you or not.

  • The first thing you must know is the difference between a designer and a decorator. In short, the main difference between them is education. An interior decorator doesn’t have any proper qualifications for this job. He has a natural passion for it and thus promotes himself. But an interior designer has to go through extensive study process to get him a proper degree to call himself a professional interior designer.
  • This is not science which you can just learn. It is a type of art-form which you can pursue only if you have the talent for it. You must have the innate ability to identify the colours, architecture, spatial arrangements and textiles that go together. The best interior designers have become successful just because they have a knack for design since they were born.
  • Without the proper education, you would think that interior designing majorly consists of furniture, colour and fabrics. Though these are quite important aspects of interior designing, there is a lot more to it. Interior designers are required to do a lot of tasks which might be more of work than fun.
  • You might think that the salary you will receive after completing such an extensive education would be quite high. But an entry level interior designer’s median salary was observed to be approximately 42,380 US dollars per annum. Of course a lot of other specificities are taken in account while deciding your salary. But in all your experience and your skill will be the most important factor.
  • To become an interior designer you have to be a great people person. You have to please your client at all costs. Some clients might have a clear idea on what they want, but you will also come across those who think they know what they want, but not be satisfied with the end result. This is where interior design consultants come into action. They will help the clients figure out exactly what they want, whilst keeping them in total control.
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