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Insulating Windows In The Winter

The windows in your home can allow a lot of heat loss and poor fitting windows and doors make drafts more unwanted during winter months. Replacing those windows can be an expensive project and maybe you’re looking for some options to fix gaps and leaks to get through one more winter. Here are 5 ways to help keep you cozier at this time of year. Here are some tips from a Glass Victoria shop.

Insulating Windows In The Winter

Rubber weather stripping

Install strips of a self adhesive weather stripping available at any hardware store to reduce cold drafts. Cut strips into required lengths and apply to windows to cover gaps or leaks that allow cold air inside.

Pros – A cost effective way with minimal alterations to the appearance of windows

Cons – Once rubber strips are removed a sticky adhesive residue can be left/and or damage to the paint

Window insulating film

Available at hardware or home improvement centers, insulating film can be applied for winter months. Kits include plastic shrink film to apply to indoor window frames with double sided tape. Heat with a hair dryer to shrink the film to size and remove any wrinkles to complete.

Pros – Inexpensive and cost effective

Cons – Leave windows with a cloudy appearance and restrict the ability to see outside

Cellular shades

With the ability to provide insulation they still allow light to shine through. Available at your home and design centers they can be custom cut to fit your windows

Pros – Allow light to filter into the room and can be custom fitted for any door or window

Cons – They can be pricey and may not insulate as well as insulated curtains

Layered or insulated curtains – Using heavy fabrics or layering curtains helps to prevent cold winter air from seeping indoors. Or insulated curtains can be purchased with built in thermal backing

Pros – Attractive appearance and can be matched to your existing decor

Cons – They can be expensive and block natural light

Draft snakes

If you’ve never heard of this idea before they are simply fabric tubes placed on window sills or under doors to keep cold air from coming inside. Easy to make by sewing a tube of fabric to fit the width of windows and doors of your home

Pros – Inexpensive and an easy DIY project

Cons – Can prevent drafts on window sill and under doors but don’t insulate glass surfaces

These tips are temporary measures and it could be time to consider a more permanent solution to your cold drafty windows. Why not call us a First Response Glass when the time comes.

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