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Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Interior Designer

Commercial Interior Designers


Before you pay anyone for any type of work, you should always ensure that person is qualified. Most Interior Designers have a college degree in interior design or some sort of qualification that illustrates their ability to do this type of work. On top of that, your Commercial Interior Designer should be licensed. There is great security in having a licensed professional. Before you spend thousands in fees, make sure they are qualified. Having someone that knows what they doing will ensure a smooth and easy process.

Initial Drawings

Commercial Interior Designers will draw an initial sketch of the design. This can take some time, however, it provides a great illustration of what you could expect from the finished product. Also, remember that the initial drawing is in fact, the initial drawing and subject to change, be careful not to fall in love with it. Once the old interior has been stripped away, there could be issues in the structure, so be prepared for every and any eventuality.


Creating a new space can take a while. You cannot expect that they’ll have the project completed by tomorrow. Be prepared for potential holds and a lengthy schedule of completion. You can’t rush art, and that is what your designer is trying to create – a functional, safe and artistic space that will benefit your business. Before you hire your designer, check how much the project will cost. Interior design is an expensive business, and most designers charge an incredible fees for their services. Make sure you know what you are paying for.   

Field Verification

After the initial drawing and pricing have been worked out, most Commercial Interior Designers will conduct a field verification. In this process, they are attempting to discover if the proposed drawing can actually fit inside the proposed space. They will be measuring and shifting ideas around. This is why as I stated previously, it is important not to fall in love with the initial drawing because it is subject to change.   

Permits and Endorsements

Still the process is not over, after the changes to the initial drawing have taken place and the measurement are correct, the designer will need a planning permit from the local government. Although, you might be ready for the new change, others around you may not. Usually, work can’t start without a permit. You will need await approval before construction can take place.

Construction Code Requirements

Commercial Interior Designers can’t create exactly what they see. They are limited by construction code requirements. These are a list of things that the designer must adhere to. Again, these can often change the look of the design, so don’t be alarmed if your desired interior doesn’t look the way you imagined.

Material Acquisition

Lastly, before building can occur, your designer will need materials. Obviously, this is important, but many clients forget to consider that these material will need to be purchased or acquired before building can commence. Furniture, lighting accents, paintings and carpeting all need to be acquired to really turn your space into the place you’ve been dreaming of.  

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