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Importance Of Website Localisation For Business Growth

Before going global as a company you need to ensure you are fully aware of how important website localisation is to the effective growth of your business. Professional translation and localisation services can help you scale up within your budget and without stretching too far, too soon.

Here are a few things to remember as you look to website localisation services.

Connect with Images Globally

When you first set up your website you’ll have taken the time to pore over images that make the right connection with your audience in your country. Different images mean different things and if you want to trigger empathy, fear, warmth, desire or any other emotion you’ll find the right image to portray the desired emotion. When going global and entering other countries don’t just think the same images will be appropriate. An image might mean something completely different in another country to yours and you should also be aware of cultural differences and the little details, like ensuring the flag of that country is accurately depicted. Customer loyalty will come if your audience trusts you.

Tweak to Your Audience

Not every country is the same in terms of how the people look at websites. If you have an e-commerce website there might be a different route to the sale in Japan than there would be in England for instance. Certain colours will mean different things in the western world, to Asia and the design is so important in making a visitor stay past the first few seconds and be drawn to the areas of the site that you want them to be drawn to.

Be Flexible

Depending on the type of business you are in, it might pay to completely translate your website, or to have a mixture of your native language and the target audience. It really depends on what you are selling. A site that is available in multiple countries might be best served with one overriding language, but localised within certain sections of the site, or with taglines etc. It might be different depending on the country you are in down to market research in that country. Some websites will be too long once translated into certain languages, and some too short, so don’t be afraid to mix things up if it serves your intended audience, as long as it isn’t too confusing.

Appear Authentic

Even if your website localisation hasn’t been completed by someone from that country, or someone living there at the time, it is important that the website appears to have been developed there. Dig down into all the little details that make a difference to a natural feel on a website. For example the date stamp will be displayed differently in England than it would be in the US, and that is something that could put off a potential customer as soon as they see it. Same with currency options, cultural and nation specific references, phone numbers and website language codes.

Expanding business into new countries and territories is more possible than ever in the modern day. Just make sure to pay attention to detail and that all aspects of your website has been looked at for maximum effect in each country.


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