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How to Write a Check Properly


Whether you are looking to write your first check or you want to learn some pointers on how to write scam proof checks, below is information on how to write a check properly.

  1. Date – Enter the date at the top right hand corner of your check. Most times you will use the current date, however, there are instances where you might need to postdate a check.

  2. Payee – On the line beside the statement that says “pay to the order of,” you will write in the name of the person you wish to pay. The person or business name you enter will be the only one authorized to cash or deposit this check.

  3. Amount – To the right side of the check, beside the payee line, you will enter the amount you wish the check to pay. Be sure that you write only numbers here, and start your dollar amount as close to the dollar sign as possible (this will prevent anyone from adding any extra numbers).

  4. Amount Written – In the space directly below the payee information, you will write out the amount you are paying in written words. Writing the words will help prevent fraud, and can help alleviate confusion at the bank if the numbers are hard to read. The only amount not written in words on this line are cents. You will use a fraction for that (for example 15/100).

  5. Memo – The memo line is at the bottom left corner of the check. This line is for your use, or to alert the payee how this check should be accounted for. For example, you can put a memo here regarding a payment for a gift for a loved one, or money paid to charity. In addition, you can put an account number or an invoice number when paying a bill, so the vendor will know where to apply the payment.

  6. Signature – The signature line is at the bottom right hand of the check. This line is for you signature, once you have completed all areas of the check. DO NOT sign a blank check and give to someone! Your signature should be your normal signature and the signature that the bank has on file. This is compared to check for fraud.

After you have completed writing your check, be sure that you record the transaction in your check registry, provided by Pure Checks, so that your account stays balanced.


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