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How To Visit Hong Kong and Not Go Broke

Life in this fast paced modern era has turned our everyday routine into a rat race. In these competitive and mentally exhausting times, travelling remains one of the most effective ways to get rid of the stress one accumulates at home. Hong Kong is one of the most complete tourism spots our beautiful planet hosts and has a variety of different attractions everyone can enjoy. Travelling to a soothing location like Hong Kong allows you to indulge in new cultures and scenarios.

From Disneyland to Victoria Peak to Lantau Island, this magical land is prepared to please every visitor it gets. After gaining the will to travel and choosing a destination, the most important question is- can you afford it? By using our expert tricks and ideas, you can definitely make your trip to Hong Kong not only budget friendly, but also an experience to remember.

How To Visit Hong Kong and Not Go Broke

Buy a Plane Ticket for Yourself, not Your Luggage!


A surprising number of people are unaware of the fact that they can get plane tickets at remarkably discounted rates if they opt for tickets that offer no luggage or allow luggage’s weight at a bare minimum. It’s important to know that the amount airlines charge you for your baggage is exponentially more than what international courier services would take to deliver your parcel to Hong Kong. Apart from the tonnes of money you get to save, you also get rid of the hassle of waiting for your luggage at the airport and can get it delivered at your convenience.

Don’t Enjoy the Vehicle, Enjoy the View


Transport in Hong Kong is nowhere as expensive as it is in the Western Cosmopolitans. A taxi ride is much cheaper than what you’d be paying back home, but our goal is to go cheaper! So forget the closed up taxi ride, and opt for the tram that will take you around the Island of Hong Kong. The top of a tram is open air and allows you to take in the serenity of the city as it gradually makes it way around, truly allowing you to indulge in the view. Here’s the good part, you can enjoy a tram ride at an astoundingly low rate of thirty cents per ride!

Go out Shopping, but Window Shop


Hong Kong is full of amazing malls and markets where you can find great deals. So once you are in the amazing place, make it a point to visit the luxurious malls (the jewellery stores in particular), although the prices at these malls are rather ridiculous, it costs absolutely nothing to window shop! So roam around in the markets and watch the rich culture of the place absorb you. Feeling a little deprived? Buy ice cream from the vendors everywhere on the streets. We assure you, this economical treat it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever taste and will definitely cheer you up!

If you are planning a trip to this mystical, gorgeous land, keep these tricks in mind and enjoy keeping your heart and your pocket full while you visit Hong Kong!

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