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How To Use Video Marketing To Promote Your Product & Get The Best ROI

How To Use Video Marketing To Promote Your Product & Get The Best ROI

Out of all the content on social media platforms, video content is the most successful. In this case, success is measured by engagement and effectiveness. As you make your marketing and promotional plans for your business, it’s a good idea to utilize the power of video marketing. You’ll gain more traction, receive more responses and get more exposure. Here are a few ways you can use video marketing to promote your product and get the best ROI.


Whether you choose to stream live on a social media platform or a site like, this is a great way to promote your services. Create a graphic that tells people that you’ll be going live a specific time and give the title surrounding what you’re talking about. Make sure that what you’re talking about is more than just the product. For example, if your company sells weekly planners, consider going live to talk about time management. As you share information on time management, show the viewers how your planner can help them with this area. Make sure the topic is engaging and interesting enough for people to want to tune in.


Webinars are very similar to live streaming videos except in many cases, the webinars are prerecorded. Because they’re pre-recorded, you can present an option that allows viewers to choose what time they’d like to view the information. What’s really special about webinars is that this is the perfect way to capture their email address. Once you have an email address, you can always stay in contact with them. Any strong marketer knows that in order to really succeed in online business, the money is in the list.

YouTube & Vimeo

People love watching videos. In fact, millions all over the world spend countless hours watching YouTube videos on a regular basis. Google owns YouTube and Google is the most visited website in the world. As a result, YouTube gets a lot of traction and visitors organically. In order to increase your visibility, create a YouTube channel and share content within your niche.

When it comes to using Vimeo and YouTube, always share your product at the beginning and end of each video. Also, leave a link in your description box that allows people to easily access your product or service. To gain organic searches on a consistent basis, use the power of search engine optimization to really attract the right visitors. Find the right keywords that work for you and your topic.

Be mindful of making sure to do thorough research to make sure your content matches with the right audience. The last thing you want to do is promote a specific product or service in a way that gets you confused with a pyramid scheme. To combat the idea of being a pyramid scheme, ACN uses Vimeo as a way to inform consumers and steer them away from this idea.

Snapchat/Instagram Stories

Snapchat and Instagram Stories are fun because they are easy ways to produce simple, 15-second videos in real time. They last for 24 hours and can really gain traction with your following online. Since they go away after 24 hours, a lot of people have more courage when they post on these types of features. Plus, it’s a choice to follow you and click on your stories. People don’t have to do it unless they want to. Furthermore, you can see how many people watched your stories and you can also see who these people are. Take note of the analytics to see how many women vs. men tune in. Look at the age range. These factors can really help you see who your customer is.

If the thought of showing your face on a video makes you nervous, just know that it’ll get easier with time. Plus, as you continue to get more results and gain more traction, you’ll feel more confident in sharing what you have to offer.

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