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How To Turn Your Roller Banner Into An Effective Sales Tool

When you use a well-designed roller banner in your place of work or at a trade show or exhibition, you can really see big benefits in terms of added sales and better recognition of your products and services. Banners can make a massive impact in the office, shop, or trade show floor. Getting your message and design right is so important when it comes to using your banner as a winning sales tool. Here are a few things to think about:

Think About Your Message

When you are selling something and you want your pop up banner to help you, make sure that you emphasize the benefits and the features of the product you are selling. Think about making a banner with a message that highlights a product directly, and plan what you want to say carefully as you only have a small amount of space and small amount of time to grab people’s attention. Think from your audience’s point of view about what they would be interested in, and what would be best to grab their attention.

Focus on Great Design

Don’t think you can quickly pull a roll up banner design together. You need to focus as much on exhibition display banners as you do on the rest of your marketing collateral. Use effective design to get your message across, highlight benefits, and draw attention to your products. It is especially important on a banner where you have very few words and therefore the emphasis must be on the design impact.

Help It Stand Out

Remember that your banner needs to sell your products or promote your business from across a busy room, street, or hall. Your banner must be visible from a distance, so don’t think about small and intricate designs or anything that must be read close-up. Think about the colour you use too, which must allow the text to be read at a distance and also help the image stand out.

Use Space Appropriately

Use space at the top of your banner to highlight your company logo or business name, and use the top third of the banner to promote your main message. Contact details can be at the bottom of the banner, and be sure to think about how to spread out the design and the text so that you do not have too much white space but on the other hand, effectively highlight the different features of your banner. Keep your main message at eye level so that people immediately see it when they walk by.

What can you do to increase the effectiveness of your roller banners as sales tools?

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