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How To Submit Your Android App On Google Play?

Mobile applications has now been in the scene for quite some time now. Mobile app development is taking the lead in mobile world. It not only serves the purpose to boost your business and income but it helps the users to get the most out of their smartphones. This makes many businesses to develop a mobile application for their users.

How To Submit Your Android App On Google Play?

There are many platforms or operating systems on which apps can be developed. But one of the most common and widely used operating systems on which companies develop a mobile app is the Android. If you have enough resources you can develop a mobile application yourself. And if you doubt your capabilities, you can still get yourself a new mobile app. You just have to make some researches and hunt for a remarkably strong mobile application development company UK. They’ll start working on your mobile application as soon as you deliver all the relevant information to them.

Once you have your mobile application ready to go, you then need to share it with the world. There could be many ways to do this but one of the most reliable, effective and returning way to get a new Android mobile app is to register your app on Google Play Store. Registering can be done yourself or else you can ask your mobile application development company UK to do this for you. Submitting your mobile app on Google Play store is done by following some steps. Follow these to market effectively.

How To Submit Your Android App On Google Play?

Sign up with Google Play

Signing up with Google Play store is a 4-Step process.

  1. You sign-in or sign up for a new Google account.
  2. You get a Google Play Developer account by agreeing on the Developer Distribution Agreement.
  3. Pay the fee of $25 USD
  4. Completing the account details

How To Submit Your Android App On Google Play?

Sell you Android App

If your mobile app isn’t free to distribute, you planned to sell it, you’ll also need to set up a Google Wallet Merchant account.

Items You Need to Start Publishing on Google Play store

Publishing with Google Play is not hard. You will need following things before submitting your app to Google Play store. Get the below items ready to go as are submitting the app:

  • The final Andromo application file (APK) needs to be uploaded and it must not go beyond 50MB in size.
  • The final title for your mobile application. The maximum limit for the title is 30 characters.
  • A description of your mobile app. The description should tell in detail about your application. To keep it simple and understandable, it is suggested to describe your app in bulleted form. You can also provide links. Links work well for SEO.
  • Take high-resolution screenshots for your app. Add at least 2 images.
  • Use a high-resolution icon for your app.

All these steps will be asked during the submission process. There are some optional requirements as well, like:

  • A promo text
  • A promo graphic
  • Featured graphical image

Publishing Your Application

Above given items were that you require when publishing your mobile app. Now that you’ve signed up and have all the items ready to go, you can now start adding new apps.

The steps to add new application goes like this:

  1. Log into your Google Play developer account.
  2. On top of the screen you’ll see “+ Add new application” button, click on it.
  3. After clicking, you’ll be asked to select the language and set a title for your app.
  4. Then click “Upload APK”, just below that ‘Title bar’. Upload your APK file and towards the next step.
  5. After you’ve uploaded the APK file, you then need to list your store. For this you’ll be going to ‘Store Listing’, just beneath ‘APK’. Add the information asked.
  1. The next step is to add screenshot of your application. Follow the instructions and add at least 2 screenshots, as we already discussed.
  2. Select the category of the app and click save. You are now done with the ‘Store Listing’ thing.

Note: There’ll be some optional things as well. You can fill in all the information if you would like to. And it is suggested to add all the information as these will help in promoting your Android Mobile App.

  1. Now comes an important part, ‘Pricing and Distribution’. This is also not a hard to complete step. Just go with each section. You can sell your app at some cost or you can provide it to the audience for free. You can also select the areas where you want your application to be used. When you are done with all the steps, click Save.

You are now ready to publish your Android app. Click on ‘Ready to Publish’ and then ‘Publish this app’, on top right corner of the screen. This process is going to take several hours, so be patient.

Enjoying with Your Android App!

Congratulations for that you are now an owner of your Android Mobile App and it has been on Google Play store. Is you can develop your mobile app yourself, it is just wonderful. But if you can’t, do not you worry I’ve the perfect match for you. Below is a link to a best mobile app development company UK. You can get yourself a good application and give a boost to your business.

Time to sign off. Do share your thoughts and thank you for reading my post.


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