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How To Set Up A House Painting Business

House painting business is really among the easiest businesses to start, and the cheapest also. As any other business, it requires creating a business plan, determining your company’s specialization, and creating a public image. Your image is what sets your company apart from the competition, makes it distinguishable and recognizable, and attracts your target market. No more than $2,000 is needed for the initial startup costs.

  1. Business plan

A business plan is a document which contains a description of your business’ future. Entrepreneurs seeking funds for launching their new business ventures are the classic business plan writers. Each great company had their very start written down on paper. Describe the focus of your business. What services will you provide, interior or exterior painting? What are your areas of specialization? Determine the target market for your painting business, whether it is middle-class neighborhoods, apartment building owners, homeowners in typical or owners of historic homes.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to the competition and research how well they are doing regarding meeting target market’s needs. How will you stand out from other painting companies? Is it design expertise, specialized and faster services, or through lower prices? Include every business-related detail into your business plan. If you are not familiar with the writing form, find a business plan template and simply fill it with all the important info.

How To Set Up A House Painting Business

  1. Business name

It should be catchy, easy to remember, and clearly communicate the message you are trying to convey – your business’ unique focus and specialization. Brainstorm a list of names by yourself or with some help from your friends, family members, or business partners. When selecting which people you will ask for help, select those you feel have the company’s best interest at heart. Do not choose a cliché name, but do not make it so obscure also. It needs to stand out, but customers also need to know what it means.

  1. Registration

Your new house painting business should be registered, so you could proceed with your business legally. Acquire the necessary paperwork from a local courthouse or a city clerk. If you plan to run your business from home, check the zoning requirements for your region.

How To Set Up A House Painting Business

  1. Equipment 

What are the tools necessary for your job? Equip yourself with rollers, brushes, paint trays, ladders and drop cloths. Save yourself some money by finding an online wholesaler and buy the supplies and equipment in bulk. Get a good face mask and a sprayer in your local hardware store. You might even consider a self-propelled scissor lift for bigger jobs. All these tools require a vehicle big enough to carry them to job sites.

  1. Marketing and promotion

Your business will not function if people do not know about it. Marketing materials should be designed according to the image you want to convey to your target market. Add all the necessary information, create and distribute the material. You can share fliers, place ads in local newspapers, build a website, create brochures with pictures of your work. During and after an exterior paint job, place yard signs in client’s yards with your company’s name and info.

How To Set Up A House Painting Business

Your business success lies in the quality of your work and good marketing. Research all the possible marketing channels you could use in spreading the word about your business. It will add up to your company’s reputation, which will lead to an increased amount of work and higher revenues. Photograph your work, assemble the photographs in a binder, and share it with your clients.

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