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How To Secure Your Building and Keep Unwanted Visitors Away

Business owners need to be concerned about how their business is functioning and if they met a sales goal this month, they shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted intruders getting into their office building. These intruders could vandalize the building, steal property and merchandise or access confidential information. Stopping these intruders requires several layers of security. There are many different ways that business owners can secure their livelihood so that they can focus on their business.

Station Employees at Open Entrances

Employees are sometimes the best deterrents. Business owners should station an employee near open entrances to monitor who is attempting to come into the building. This could be a security guard or a receptionist performing administrative tasks. A live person can sometimes detect and stop individuals in ways that automated security systems cannot. Just having a reception stop and ask if visitors have appointments and verifying this information can do wonder to keep possible criminals from snooping around in the office.

Use Access Control Systems

Access control systems are devices that prevent unauthorized people from getting through a door or gate. The most common systems use a numerical keypad or a card reader. Authorized employees can be given a code or a personalized card to open the door. This makes it very difficult for intruders to enter the building or make it to sensitive areas inside. Some access control systems even use biometric readings like fingerprints or palm prints to identify authorized individuals.

Install Commercial Fencing

Business owners should take every step possible to keep unwanted visitors as far away from the building as possible. Installing commercial fencing around the building can stop pedestrians and potentially vehicles from coming near the property. Companies like City Fence in Toronto specialize in security gates and fencing for commercial businesses. Fencing with razor wire on top will deter criminals when the building is unoccupied. Commercial fences are a very simple and effective way to stop unwanted visitors. Fences are especially important if you keep machinery, vehicles, or supplies outside the building.

Monitor the Building with Security Cameras

Security cameras allow one or more people to monitor what is happening throughout the building. The cameras will see and record anyone coming in through an entrance. They will also show any people who managed to get inside the building. Security cameras are a good way to ensure a large building remains safe from intruders.

Install Bright Exterior Lighting

Every business should have bright exterior lighting on the property and around all entrances. Bright lights make it very difficult for a person to approach the business unnoticed at night. Lights will actually deter criminals in many cases. Additionally, bright exterior lights make it easier for security guards and cameras to see potential intruders.

It is necessary to build multiple layers of security around and inside of a building. This should start with a strong fence outside and continue with cameras and access controls on the inside. This will make it difficult for any person to get inside and do damage to the building or business.

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