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How To Paint Properly During Summer?

SACRAMENTO, CA - DECEMBER 2: NorthWoods inspector Manny Nevarez inspects the roof of a foreclosed home for needed repairs December 2, 2008 in Sacramento, California. Many foreclosed homes need substantial repairs before going on the market. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Manny Nevarez

Exterior painting is essential to improve the representation of our house. Home improvement tasks could be performed more conveniently during the summer, but there are some challenges that we need to consider. Summer days are known for their high humidity, rain, intense sunlight and heat. It means that we should apply some common sense to minimize potential problems greatly. One thing that we should do before we begin painting is preparing the surface. In fact, this step can be more essential than applying the final coat. We should make sure that the surface is clean and it is important to avoid taking any shortcut that could cause disaster. We should inspect the wall for any cracks and peeling. We may need to perform more caulking tasks to close up gaps and joints that are cracked open during the winter.

It’s a no brainer fact that we should use high quality painting products, although it could be a bit expensive initially. We should read the instructions shown on the label and we should call the producer if we are uncertain about something. A good company will have a 24/7 line to help customers. There are specific brushes that we should use, as an example, heavy duty brushes and roller will hold a larger quantity of paint. For summer, exterior painting job, high quality 4-inch brushes and thick nap rollers should be enough. When painting the exterior, we would need a ladder and often more than one ladder. We should make sure that we use a sturdy, steady and safe ladder to avoid hurting ourselves. When painting the roofing areas, we should make sure that we are protected against sunlight to prevent sunburns and discomfort.

It can be particularly hot during the summer, so it is important to wait for a specific time before applying another coat of paint. We should make sure that brush is kept wet all the time, even when we are taking a break. A good, wet brush could maintain color uniformity, which can be quite difficult to achieve. Colors could actually vary from bucket to bucket as we could mix different amounts of paint and water. In this case, it is essential to accurately measure the mixture.

The surface temperature also plays a role in determining the quality of the paint. We should stop painting when the wall is exposed to sunlight and exceptionally hot. Before planning to paint, we should check weather updates, to know whether it will be clear or rainy. Rain could ruin our work and we will need to repaint it again the following day, so the coat can get dry properly.

It is clear that painting the exterior can be quite difficult to do, so we should try to use shade whenever possible. Also, we should drink enough water to keep our body properly hydrated. In hot environment, the risks of heat stroke may happen if we work for hours directly under sunlight.

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