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How To Make Your Office Guest Feel At Home

Your office is your second home. On some occasions, it might even happen that you spend more time there than in your real home. To feel comfortable and inspired at work, you should make your office an encouraging and nicely decorated place. That way you will always be ready to welcome your business partners, as well as random visitors. This is why we have prepared several handy tips for giving your office a smart look.

Sit-up, Stand-up Rhythm

In accordance with the code of business conduct, a host of a business meeting should stand up when their guest enters the office and shake their hands. Also, every time a guest needs to leave the office, it would be polite to stand up and pay them respect. The same procedure should be followed whenever a guest comes back into the office. It will show your guest(s) that you care about them. Moreover, that way you will leave an impression of a serious person with fine business manners. Here you can learn more about proper business etiquette.

How To Make Your Office Guest Feel At Home

Paper-free Desk

No matter if you are in the middle of a demanding task or it is one of your less stressful work days, your desk should always be clean. You can never tell when a new client is going to pop in to ask for your services, so it is important to always keep your desk tidy. Also, the reception area, as well as all other parts of the office that might be seen by a visitor should always have a spick-and-span look.

Learning About the Guest

If you are expecting a visit form a business partner or a new potential client, it is necessary to get everything you should know about them prepared in advance. Pieces of information such as their revenue figures or the history of their company are extremely important for the conversation you are going to lead with them. Of course, you should not learn those things by heart, but prepare resourceful materials and keep them at the reach of your hand. Moreover, including your secretary into the process by giving them a to-do list before the meeting and have them present in the office will make the whole company look responsible and committed to work.

Conceal Computer Data

At business meetings and visits, you can either negotiate business collaboration or fail to reach such an agreement. Due to different business risks, every employee that hosts a visit needs to take good care of their computer screens. Namely, they should delete or remove all the data that may reveal confidential data or projects. Only the files and folders relevant for the meeting should be placed on the screen. That way you will save the time and keep the important information about your business away from a (potentially) curious eye of the visitor.

How To Make Your Office Guest Feel At Home

Drinks for the Aftermath

One of the most enjoyable feelings that a businessperson can have is finishing a business meeting in a satisfactory way and having a drink to celebrate the agreement. This is why every manager should have some a good selection of spirits, as well as some fine white and red wine specials in their drink cabinets. In addition to alcoholic drinks, every office should be equipped with mineral and tap water, too. Business visits and meetings can last longer than expected, so having water in the office is a highly practical thing.

When your office is always ready to welcome business guests, it is highly probable that there will be more such visits. All you need to do is relax and discuss the business matters in a self-confident way. A well-organized and clean office could be the key factor of future business collaboration.

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