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How To Make Your IT Support Staff More Effective In The Field

Laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and cell phones are now essential components in the modern world, and ensuring that they are in perfect working order is of paramount importance. Occasionally, IT support staff may have to visit homes and offices in order to carry out routine maintenance on equipment, or fix any devices that have malfunctioned. Training customers to utilize their equipment correctly is almost as important as fixing broken hardware, and a well prepared technician can save customers a lot of time and money by providing clear, easy to follow instructions. There are many different ways to increase a customer’s understanding of a new product, and this article looks at a few ways to make support staff as effective as possible when out in in the field.

Preparation Is Everything

Many electronic hardware issues can be prevented by ensuring that the device is being used correctly. Following shut down procedures, providing the right climate, and general care and maintenance of equipment will prolong the life of any electronic device, and save the owner money on extensive repair bills. Technicians need to have extensive knowledge of the device they are working with, and also have the ability to explain its operation in simple, easy to follow instructions. There are many websites that offer detailed information on new technology such as, and those in the industry should carry out as much individual research as possible. Many customers may not be familiar with technical language, so support staff must find a way to ensure that the customer fully understands how to operate their equipment. Providing visual aids such as pamphlets, PDFs, and videos will make it much easier to increase a customer’s understanding of their device, and customers can then refer back to the materials in the future if required.

Providing The Right Tools

Equipping support staff with the necessary materials to provide a thorough service will increase their overall effectiveness, and help to raise customer satisfaction. Going above and beyond the expected levels of service is the key to providing outstanding customer care, and employers have a responsibility to ensure their staff can go the extra mile when dealing with customers. All support staff should carry general ‘how to’ guides on setting up a broadband connection, or troubleshooting internet connectivity issues for customers to refer to in the future. Instructional videos can also be downloaded and shared using a service such as, and new videos can even be downloaded on the spot from youtube provided there is a high speed internet connection.

Technology is advancing all the time, so staying up to date with the latest products and software is essential for all IT support staff. Regular training and product research is an essential part of field work, and all technicians should be aware of new technologies entering the market before they are made available to the public. Ensuring that customers are well informed and confident in their ability to Shandle their equipment will help them to increase their productiveness in the workplace, and save money on call out charges.

Brian Richardson is an IT support salesman. He loves to write about how to provide great customer service on business blogs.

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