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How To Increase Customer Traffic At Your Business

How To Increase Customer Traffic At Your Business

Owning a brick-and-mortar store can be a challenge in the modern age of digital retail. While more people are buying items online, you still have to generate real foot traffic to your store to keep the sales volume high and the rent paid. This means you have to get clever with your marketing tactics to entice customers to come back to your store on a repeat basis. Sometimes, you must reach out and compel new customers to frequent your store. Here are a few tips for building a high traffic bricks and mortar store.

Take a Loss to Make a Gain

When it comes to driving traffic through the aisles of your store, it sometimes helps to sell certain items well below your own wholesale price. While this may be an initial loss, it can help to generate a huge amount of traffic. This is especially true if the items you mark down this low are highly prized items. This sends a signal that your store appreciates its customer base.

Mail Market Incentives

If you sent out a mass mailing with a ten dollar coupon to everyone in your local market, you would be giving customers a good reason to visit your store. Once in your store, they will likely spend more than you paid out on the coupon to draw them in to your store. This kind of incentive can drive numerous customers to use their coupon to purchase a high ticket item.

Catch Their Eye

Looking around for feather flag manufacturing you could have custom made feature flags for your business. Different from standard signage, feather flags can grab the attention of people approaching your store from a distance. This could potentially even increase your traffic by 50-percent.

In Store Pick-Up

Since the majority of people shop online these days, this does not mean that they all want products to be shipped to their home. Some customers will prefer to order from your website and pick up the item they ordered at your store later. While visiting your store to pick up an item they ordered, they will also have the opportunity to check out other merchandise in the store. This can lead to a profitable outcome for your business.

Getting traffic to a bricks and mortar store can sometimes be tricky. However, if you take advantage of the different marketing avenues that generate traffic, you would be surprised how much additional traffic will enter your store. It is always important to think up new ways to get people to want to stop in and check your store out for items they need.

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