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How to get the best hotel deals

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These days hotel deals are prevalent everywhere. From online bookings to direct calling, there are many ways to get the best deals for hotels. However, the problem arises when you book an unknown branded hotel and you find out that the room isn’t the same as it was advertised. It’s also a huge problem when you find out that the hotel has a policy that doesn’t match your expectations. Sometimes, the breakfast buffet isn’t as fresh and delectable as you had expected.

That’s why you must be careful when doing any bookings for the best deals. When travelling to metro cities that have a wide range of options, you must be doubly careful. Online hotel booking in Mumbai will show you hundreds of options but going for reliable brands is a better idea. The known chains and international hotel brands offer a consistent layer of services that are unmatched and often unrivalled.

hotel deals

Loyalty programs and membership

Contrary to the popular notion, membership cards and loyalty programs have made a comeback in this past year. They have become highly cost-effective, offering guests and diners a host of options to choose from. It’s good to have multiple cards, but essential that you have at least one luxury hotel membership. This is because when you’re looking for the best deals on hotels and food and beverages, you can get incremental service and quality at these sites.

The LaLiT chain of hotels offers a myriad of options when it comes to reservations and dining options. That’s why guests sign up for The LaLiT Loyalty, so that they can continue to receive top quality service and accommodation preferences. The LaLiT Mumbai is also one of the best hotels Mumbai India can offer.

Contacting top hotels directly

You’re often going to get the best deals if you contact top hotels directly, as the concierge or booking staff may be able to customise your accommodations unique to you. If you’re looking for a good view or have a large number of guests with you, you can talk to the hotels directly to get a better deal. Talking to the hotel directly also ensures that you can get priority services that may be added to your reservations.

Subscribing to emailers and newsletters

This is a great way to know which hotels are offering what kinds of deals. It’s always a good idea to subscribe to multiple newsletters but you can also plan your vacation based on which hotel is offering a package. You can email them directly and get the best information at your convenience. It takes a bit of planning, but newsletters and corporate communication messages are the best ways to get some great deals.

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