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How To Find A Top Quality Photo Booth In Edinburgh

A nice backdrop is a sign of quality

If you’re planning a wedding, party or corporate function in Edinburgh, there’s a simple way to make sure yours is an event no-one will forget: hire a photo booth.

A photo booth injects a real element of fun into every occasion and will leave your guests with a fun souvenir too.

But as photo booths have exploded in popularity, there are lots of providers on the market, each promising to provide top quality facilities.

Here’s a closer look at how to find a true top quality photo booth in the Edinburgh area.

Quality Pictures

Photo booths are there to create a snapshot of the occasion, providing guests with a souvenir to take home and you with a digital collection of photos to keep.

If the pictures are of poor quality, you won’t end up with an album of memorable photos that you’ll want to share and frame, and you’re unlikely to look at it again.

How To Find A Top Quality Photo Booth In Edinburgh

Therefore it’s essential to make sure that the photo booth company in Edinburgh that you choose has the proper experience and knowledge to provide top quality pictures. Where possible, opt for a company which is run by photographers rather than just PR people.

You’ll also want to check the type of equipment being used. To get the best snaps you’ll need assurances that both the camera and the printer are of a very high quality. Ideally you’ll also want additional features too such as beauty lighting to encourage your guests to have their picture taken and to make them look good!

Ease of use

At the start of the event, it can be intimidating for guests to venture over to the photo booth; once a few people have broken the ice you’ll find there’s a torrent of guests waiting to have their go…

However, if the equipment is complicated or difficult to use your guests could well give up or be put off from having their picture taken, particularly those who aren’t as used to technology as others. At your wedding you won’t just want pictures of the younger generation; an easy-to-use photo booth means that your Nan can enjoy being the centre of the attention too!

The really good photo booth firms in Edinburgh provide a “butler” service with the package; this is a person who’s on hand to help out with any technical queries which arise and show people how to get started. If there’s any reluctance to step inside, they can also act as an ice-breaker and encourage your guests to have a go!

Attractive Appearance

No matter what event you are arranging, the chances are that you’ve worked hard to get the theme just right, with decorations planned precisely.

Having a big ugly photo booth squatting in the middle of your site could ruin the overall impression and create an unwanted diversion. You should therefore find out exactly what the photo booth will look like and whether it will fit in with your decor.

How To Find A Top Quality Photo Booth In Edinburgh

Ideally you’ll find a photo booth firm who can offer a variety of styles so you can pick the one that best suits your event.

Social Media Capability 

Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms are swamped with pictures of the much-loved selfie so why not let your guests go one better and upload their photo booth picture instead?

Ask photo booth firms about their ability to hook up with social media to provide the very best experience for your guests. Some photo booths provide the ability for pictures to be instantly uploaded to social media, and can even hashtag your event.

Using social media can really give your event the edge and allow friends and family that couldn’t make it to share in the experience online, as it happens.


If you follow the above top tips when searching for a photo booth firm in Edinburgh you’re certain to find one which offers real quality, guaranteeing your event will truly be one to remember.

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