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How to Create Incentives and Encourage Good Work Ethic within Your Company

How to Create Incentives and Encourage Good Work Ethic within Your Company

The most valuable asset that an organization can have is a set of quality employees that are always willing to work hard. Unfortunately, keeping staff motivated for an extended amount of time can be challenging. One of the best ways to do this today is through an employee incentive structure. There are several tips that should be followed that could help to keep your staff motivated and working hard through the use of an incentives program.

Align with Company Success

One type of incentive is one that will help to align an employee level of success with the overall success of the organization. You should look for ways to provide additional bonuses and profit sharing to your employees if the overall organization does well. This will help to keep all people aligned and focused on the same goals for the company.

Specific Outcomes

Many organizations struggle with programs because they do not have very clear-cut outcomes and goals. Instead, you need to align the incentives with very specific results. For example, you should have a very clear-cut line in the sand that would dictate whether or not someone will qualify for the incentive program. This will help to make sure that all people are aware as to whether or not they are tracking in the right direction.

Allow for Nominations

You should also look for ways to have employees encourage and recognize themselves. There should be a way for employees to nominate each other through Employee Award Nomination Software for certain awards and types of recognition. This will help people to feel motivated and encouraged to continue to work hard and build positive relationships with each other.

Go Beyond Money

One of the concerns that a company can have is that they will not be able to provide many financial benefits to their staff. However, there are other ways that you can award someone for hard work and a job well done. One of the best ways today is to provide someone with some free time off. Giving someone a Friday off during the summer can be very motivating and keep them focused on the final goals.


Finally, you need to make sure that you are updating these programs regularly. There are bound to be changes to your company in the future and you will need to alter the achievement programs accordingly.

Ultimately, you need to find a program that works well for your company and employees. Because of this, you need to spend time considering what your staff would appreciate. What might work well for one company will be less effective for another.

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