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How To Choose A Freight Option For Shipping Your Business Merchandise

Order fulfillment is one of the most critical components to customer satisfaction. If you are not choosing the proper freight option for shipping your business merchandise, you could be jeopardizing your long-term viability or losing money. The right mode of transportation can save you money and secure you lifetime customers.

Ocean Vessel

An ocean vessel is often used to import and export goods. If you manufacture your goods outside of the United States, utilizing an ocean vessel is most likely your best option. The same is true if you have a large customer base in other countries. It is important to keep in mind that this mode of transportation may only benefit certain types or quantities of merchandise. Choosing a shipping option can be difficult and larger items and larger the quantities often benefit most when using ocean shipping.


Rail continues to be one of the most affordable ways to transport goods for domestic shipping long distances. You should consider that this mode of transportation is often considerably slower than other domestic options. If you have perishables or time-sensitive deliveries, you should consider alternatives. Much like the ocean vessel, larger quantities or larger items typically benefit the most from this mode of transportation. As long as you are able to plan your shipments in advance, this method could save tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Over the Road

Over-the-road transportation, or rather trucking shipments, is one of the most popular shipping methodologies for businesses. Delivery times to anywhere in the US can be from the same day to four or five days coast to coast. Nearly any type of merchandise is able to be shipped via this methodology from houses to key chains. Costs are quite affordable for smaller shipments and larger shipments alike. A freight forwarder in Houston can offer you a variety of options and price ranges for everything from air to truck.


Air shipments are typically utilized for urgent shipments and merchandise of high value. The time delivery of such shipments is unprecedented and these shipments are often considered to be more secure than other modes of transportation. The cost of using this method is significantly higher than the others, however most businesses who use this method feel the benefits outweigh the costs. And, you can send a shipment on nearly any flight with the right service provider.

Choosing the best freight option for your business merchandise can make or break your bottom line. You should consider the type of merchandise you have, the origin and destination, the urgency of your deliveries and the value of your goods. You can also consider your budget and how much each option costs. If you can’t afford to use air, you might go with a less expensive option but just order shipments in advance to make up for lose time. Once you consider these aspects, you will be able to select the best option to ensure customer loyalty.

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