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How Often to See Your Chiropractor


Visiting a chiropractor may be something you do on a regular basis, after an injury or you may be someone who has never visited a chiropractor. You may be wondering just how often you should schedule an appointment with Revolution Health Centre.

If you are one of those who answered never perhaps you should consider the common reasons to consider a chiropractic evaluation.

  • Sports injury
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Work related injury
  • Auto accidents
  • Computer fatigue

For anyone suffering from the above a chiropractic evaluation may be warranted to determine if chiropractic care could help with your condition.

Treating pain with chiropractic care

If you have a condition that benefits from chiropractic care how often should you schedule an appointment. The frequency depends on the individual and what condition they need treated.

  • Athletes often have regular visits to prevent injuries, as well as those with chronic pain and those that just feel better after an adjustment seek preventative care. Depending on each person some may go once a week, monthly or once or twice a year, whatever they feel is beneficial.
  • Minor injuries/ exacerbation of pain. For some patients with occasional flares ups this will determine how frequently they seek treatment. When an episode happens the will need multiple visits over several weeks to experience results.
  • Severe injury/ chronic conditions. Those who suffer chronic back pain ( lasting over 3 months ) Arthritis and fibromyalgia require long term care that last weeks to months with several visits a week.

Why Chiropractors help

The 3 recognized stages of health care are urgent, rehabilitation and maintenance. Working with a professionally trained chiropractor it’s possible to treat common problems within a few sessions some may need weekly visits. A personal evaluation taking into consideration any underlying factors that are stressing your body and length of symptoms is the first step. In each stage a chiropractor will then provide a customized treatment plan tailored specifically for you, your condition and schedule.

Here’s an easy way to think about frequency of chiropractic visits:

  • In the urgent phase ( after an injury or accident ) frequent visits will be needed for the first few weeks.
  • The rehabilitation stage ( recovering from an injury ) the frequency of visits could be scaled back to 2 to 4 times per month.
  • With the maintenance stage ( managing a chronic problem ) visits will be less frequent.

Over 22 million people in America seek chiropractic treatment each year for one of the reasons mentioned here. When you’re searching for Murfreesboro chiropractors contact RHC for an evaluation.

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