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How Mobile Technologies can help to improve healthcare

More than four thousand men and women of 50 different countries gathered in Washington for the discussion on how the healthcare is getting gradually related to technology of mobile. The discussion was organized by mHealth where a lot of experts from the Government and Private sector of the technology industry gathered together to share their views on the effect of mobile technology on human health and other health care issues. People from various NGOs also joined in the summit to discuss about this extremely valid topic. According to the organizers of this summit they are taking a lot of initiatives for the countries of the middle and low level income.
The director of mHealth Alliance, said, “There is no doubt about the fact that the use of mobile phones are increasing rapidly on this earth for sure. Now, six billion people all over the world are using mobile phones all over the world. Even in the continents like Africa the usage of mobile phone is increasing for sure. Once, the penetration rate there was 20% to 30% which has now increased to 60%. This is no doubt quite crucial. As the number of mobile is increasing with a rapid rate, it is now tried to relate healthcare of child and adults with mobile technology.”
According to her mobile technologies are now used for care management, compliance and adherence of treatment for diseases like HIV and AIDS. And now the diseases like tuberculosis, malaria etc. are also addressed by the mobile technology to make the health system of most of the general people better.
As per the opinion of Mr. Kirsten Gagnaire, the director of Mobile Alliance depicted the fact that in most of the developing countries numerous pregnant women and children die at the time of the birth of the child because of lack of knowledge about some basic things what are needed to do at the time of pregnancy and the birth of the child. Mobile technology can help people to be aware of the basic things the pregnant women should follow at the time of giving birth to her child.
According to them, in any country, if a woman is not aware of what to do at the time of pregnancy, she can do a search in the internet in the small device they have in their hand and thus they can safely give birth to the child and can keep her safe also. The woman only has to know how to search anything in Google where they will get thousands of related articles from which they can get a sound idea about their quarries. Thus, mobile technology can hugely help them to know about their health related issues.
Now, for the women who cannot study, or illiterate, search from internet will not be possible by any means. Even in that case through mobile technologies like SMS her husband or the other members of the family can be informed about what should be done or not for that pregnant woman.

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