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How Lipstick Could Harm Our Health?

How Lipstick Could Harm Our Health?

Like many cosmetic products, lipstick is made from various synthetic materials. However, improperly manufactured lipstick can be quite dangerous, because noxious chemicals can be swallowed very easily. Some lipsticks are made from various petroleum-based chemicals that can be risky when ingested continuously, even in a small amount. They could cause multiple health problems, starting from allergic reactions to imbalanced hormones to cancer. Our immune and nervous systems could also be affected by constant exposure to chemicals. We should easily know that very bright colors are likely not natural and could cause harm to our body. We should be aware that lipsticks made by unknown brands could contain coal tar that increases the risk of cancer. Lipsticks are known for their amazing number of colourful shades and they are certainly artificial. There no known official names for many of these shades, so manufacturers could come up with their own naming such as “Red 2 Apple” or “Pink 3”. It should be noted that many of these coloring ingredients are approved for cosmetics and drugs, not for food.

Unfortunately, those noxious chemicals are just one lick away from being ingested. When women are slightly nervous, they could bit their lips and this could cause some of the chemicals to enter their internal circulation. Studies show that throughout their lives, each woman could ingest an average four lbs of lipstick. We should be aware that these colors could contain dangerous substances and elements, such as arsenic, lead and mercury. We should be aware that arsenic, lead and mercury are toxic; the former could actually kill an adult nearly instantly even at a small amount. Various tests show that a large proportion of lipsticks found in the market contain lead, which could accumulate in our body. So, we could add a bit of lead each time we lick our lips. Lipstick also contains endocrine disruptors or xenoestrogens and they could interfere with our hormonal balance. Propylparabens and methyparabens could also jeopardize our health. Manufacturers add penetration enhancer to make sure that the color sticks to our lips, but this substance could also make lipsticks stubbornly stay inside our body once ingested. Propylene glycol is a common type of penetration enhancer used by manufacturers.

Unfortunately, it would mean that it’s hard to protect ourselves, because lipsticks are already considered as basic necessity for modern women. In general, we could get healthier lipsticks by choosing those produced by health-conscious producers. We should look for lists of dangerous chemicals used in lipsticks and avoid risky brands. Some lipsticks with natural ingredients can be somewhat more expensive, but much of diseases that affect women, such as breast cancer and menstrual disorders could be prevented by investing a bit of extra money on safer cosmetic products. Because packaging boxes for lipstick are small, you may need to download a magnifying glass app on your smartphone to read the small print easily. It’s time to choose a healthier life and throw away those risky cosmetic products to the trash can.

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