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How Important Are Proxy Servers For Your Business?


A free proxy server is an intermediary between your device (PC, Laptop or any other device) and the Internet. This server makes requests to servers and services on the Internet you browse. Most companies connect to the proxy server for some service, such as a web connection, web page, or other web files available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify its complexity.

Companies also use for the reasons to have a watch over the employees what they are accessing and using on the Internet. Many companies restrict certain websites so that they are not accessed by employees during work hours. Free proxy servers compress cache files, traffic, web pages and even strip ads from websites before they reach computer you are browsing. Proxy servers allow companies to save bandwidth, especially when they have thousands of employees, accessing the same websites.

Types of Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are of three type’s i.e. free tunnelling proxy, forward proxy and reverse proxy. Tunnel proxy is a server that passes responses unchanged i.e. it allows you to bypass web filters and firewall. When it comes to a forward proxy, it retrieves data from another web site on behalf of the machine that made the request. There can be variations in this proxy, so it is also called an open proxy. Forwarding proxy server enables users to conceal their real IP address and browse the web secretly. The last type, reverse free proxies, it restricts or disallow direct access to the website.

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