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How Being Aware Of Your Customers’ Cell Phone Habits Can Benefit Your Business

How Being Aware Of Your Customers’ Cell Phone Habits Can Benefit Your Business

Cell phones are everywhere—you know that! Unlike the millions of businesses that have come and gone—whether successful or not—it’s critical that you know how to use this to your advantage. As a business owner, you are able to use your customers’ cell phone habits to create unique marketing strategies to locate and bring in potential customers.

This can be done through a number of avenues. Here are four ways that you can tap into the massive potential of cell phones to help grow your business.

Make Emails Cell Phone Friendly

There is a great chance that you already have an email marketing plan in place. Sending your customers regular emails to remind them of services or specials that are being offered is a great way to market. What you may not know, however, is that most people no longer read their emails on a computer. Instead, they access them via their cell phones—which is why it’s extremely important that your emails are easy to read on a mobile device. Here are a few points to consider when formatting cell phone-friendly emails:

  • Keep it short as most people are deterred from reading long text on their phones
  • Include links to direct customers to your advertisements, site, etc., to help minimize the amount of space used in the email. Hyperlink or use tinyurl as to avoid lengthy URLs.
  • Make sure that one of your links directs receivers to your social media pages. Most people access their social media via their phone, and so this is a great way to get them to connect with you that way.

Discover the Power of SMS Marketing

Text—or SMS—marketing is becoming more prevalent in sales marketing, especially because many customers either do not read their emails regularly or do not read them at all. Texting solves that issue, though, as most people will hardly ever delay reading a text. Yet, it can be difficult for a company to manage their own text marketing plan. Not only are there so many numbers to keep track of, but there is proper etiquette to consider as well.

If you’re struggling with your company’s texting game, it might be best to utilize the help of SMS services for small business. With this type of service, a text message is immediately delivered to your customer’s device and has a high chance of being read. Make sure, however, that your customers have opted in to receive texts from you. This will help you to avoid a spammy appearance.

Use the Location Features on Apps

Location services on apps, such as Facebook and Foursquare, can help you gain an insight into who your customers and potential customer are. This information can also tell you how often each customer visits your business. This information can be invaluable as customers can also readily share how their experience was at your place of business and help you improve your services.

Use Review Apps to Your Benefit

Online reviews can make or break a business. Make sure that your business is registered on mobile apps like Yelp. Create a business profile on these apps and respond to each review. Marketing research reveals that customers are more likely to visit your business if you are highly recommended on review sites/apps. Potential customers also like to see that you are interacting with your other customers on these apps—this shows that you pay great detail to customer service.

Cell phones are perhaps the greatest marketing tool ever. As people grow more and more dependent on their smart phones, not tapping into this marketing goldmine could be costing you thousands customers and, inherently, a successful profit.

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