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Have You Been to These Enchanting Neighbors of Shimla?

From Naldehra’s alluring golf greens to the winter sports capital of Kufri, here are a couple of places around Shimla that are perfect for a short getaway from the city itself. So the next time your Chandigarh to Shimla taxi registers that same monotonous route to Shimla, you know what other alternatives you have apart from this rosy state capital of Himachal Pradesh, right?



Located on the Shimla-Naldehra highway, 10 kilometers from Shimla, at a stature of 7700 feet, Mashobra is a pretty hamlet of extraordinary excellence, and is a perfect recess underneath the oaks and the pines. Embellished with lovely gardens, it is a well known weekend spot, lined with endless excursion options. Stone seats have been deliberately put everywhere throughout the verdant meadows, where you can kick back and appreciate the grand sceneries of the Dhauladhar Range.



Barog is a town, comparatively lesser known, situated on the Shimla-Kalka highway. The town was minimal referred to have served as a base for visitors heading out to Himachal Pradesh; however tourism in the town of Barog has now developed to an expansive degree, making it a critical traveler destination. The town of Barog is the ideal spot for an extraordinary excursion amidst nature as the spot is settled in a district of lavish green excellence.



Overlooking the quaint the Giri Valley, Fagu is located on the Hindustan-Tibet Road and is 23 kilometers from Shimla. This uniquely charming place is blessed with some captivating valley views and the sprawling grandeur of the far off Himalayas. Fagu additionally serves as a gateway point for Kinnaur and Spiti, and is a perfect trekking base.



Kufri used to be a famous getaway from Shimla; however, it has now developed as a destination in its own and a splendid ski resort to bank upon. With mist and snow blanketed hill slopes in winter, a few adventure sports choices, and sylvan perspectives and plantations, it has caught the general traveler’s attention big time.



Jubbal is a little, however extraordinary hill town near Shimla, at a height of 1901 meters, which offers the most alluring and romantic destinations with entrancing views and sensational vistas. Decked in the middle of the finest apple plantations and thick deodars, this area is one such attraction that would come upon seldom in each one’s life. It’s entirely stunning that such a delightful, heaven looking spot was not known to world until recently.


Now do you realize that sticking to those mainstream Shimla tour packages and hovering in and around the Mall Road wouldn’t bring you that much satisfaction, as much you would get by visiting one of these awe-inspiring pretty neighbors of the city? Still not convinced? Read again!


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