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Handpicked Non Touristy Vacation Spots You Must Visit If You Can!

We know how much you crave a non-touristy vacation which is why we are here to help you dilvulge exactly into that.

Here are our top picks for non touristy vacations that you should definitely consider this saving up for this year!

Sri Lanka’s Haputale

Not sure if you have been to this country or not, but if you have not might we suggest you put this up on your bucket list for the coming vacations! A must visit island country, Sri Lanka is widely known for its scenic beauty, widespread Buddhism and the vibrant Tamilian culture which is very much like its neighbor country India. While country in itself is non touristy, the best part about visiting Haputale is the serenity and peace it offers you. Which is what you look for in a nontouristy vacation spot! Win-win!

This mountain area is a great spot for nature lovers and bounty hunters, esp if you look forward to being amongst the nature, exploring their tea estates, ancient monuments, serene and welcoming guest houses with more.

Albarracín in Spain

For the love of medieval times! You have got to visit this city if you love exploring close kneaded city streets that speak stories in volumes! You might as well check out the Roman age architecture, the pathways and more that give the place its medieval charm. This pink hued city still holds the roman architecture very well that takes you to another time and era all together, unlike any other tourist city!

Devonshire in England

The homeland of the Celtic Britons, Devon, as popularly called, is a nontouristy destination widely popular for its meadows and offering a laid back getaway. The city has fishing spots and ports that hardly witness any crowds so you can enjoy a non touristy vaccation just the way you like it. Visit this town if you are looking to go back to fables and fairytales you must have read as kids, and who knows, you might meet the ‘Hounds of Baskerville’, since thats where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had set up the storyline to be.

So these were some of the destinations you should certainly put up on your bucket list under ‘must visit’. If you are a sucker for nontouristy locations, there is more to be explored in this world so keep researching and make it happen! Happy Travelling!

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