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Handling Electrical Problems In The Office Environment

Handling Electrical Problems In The Office Environment

Everyone working from the office has at least once been in a situation where an electric jam or malfunction happened. And since there are many cables and electrical devices, one can only assume where the malfunction happened and what went wrong. Luckily, even an average John can do a few simple checks and repairs without any advanced knowledge. By following these simple tricks, you can locate and perhaps even solve the problem. Let us start from the basics.

Inspect the Cords

Even though more and more companies are switching to wireless office organization, there are still many companies that use devices with cords. In order to ensure that your safety level is high, it is advised that you should check the cords and cables regularly. If any of the cables is damaged, fried or anything similar, plug it out in order to prevent any electricity flowing through it, and then insulate it with electrical tape. Even though electrical tape is not a permanent solution, in most cases it will get the job done, at least until maintenance team arrives for a daily/weekly inspection. If the sockets are dangling or are loose, try using a screwdriver to tighten them up. Again, for your own safety, unplug them from the power source before you touch them.

Handling Electrical Problems In The Office Environment

Increase Cable Safety

As more and more people continue to tread on the office cables, the chances of them starting a fire are increasing on a daily basis. If you want to protect your workplace, never place cables in a spot where door closing could damage them, or in a place where people will continue to walk over them. Investing in additional sockets improves your safety, and even though they might cost a few dollars extra than extension cords, they are easy to install and will last longer. Last but not the least, never plug extension cords into another extension cord, for overloading the socket will definitely start a fire, advise Sydney-based electrical repair specialists.

Issues with Grounding

Installing an electric machine or an appliance is usually an easy task, and certain grounding has to be done. This is very important, since it is used to protect people who use office machines from being electrocuted. Protective grounding is of the highest priority, and should never be neglected. Every machine that is not properly grounded poses a severe threat to all the people using it, and the environment in general. If you are in need of protective grounding or have noticed that grounding cable is heating up or hot already, call an emergency electrician straight away. It is better to pay a professional to do it rather than getting shocked.

Handling Electrical Problems In The Office Environment

Unplug Devices before Inspection/Maintenance

There is one thing you have to keep in mind at all times – working around a machine that is attached to a power source could potentially get you killed. If you are opening a computer case for maintenance or inspection, unplug it from a power source before cleaning the inside. Adding paper or replacing ink cartridges requires you to switch it off. Refusing to do so might reflect on your skin, in the form of electric shock. Whatever you do, make sure that the power is off and that the device or machine is unplugged from its power source.

Following these tips will definitely increase your office safety, and potentially save lives. It is always better to get informed and be cautious. Playing with electricity is the same as playing with fire – you end up with more than one burn. Use these simple tricks whenever you can, and if the problem is serious, call an electrician to deal with it.

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