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Getting Older? What to Avoid and What to Embrace in Fashion

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to look older. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, old photographs tell us that people around the age of forty could have passed for sixty year olds. The old fashioned styles and fashions of the day hadn’t changed in so long, they all appeared far older than their years. Can you imagine that happening today?

Many kids born these days are expected to hit the century milestone, so adapting to getting older will become a way of life for everybody.

For women, adjusting to the ageing process can be a double edged sword. Some enjoy surrendering to the relative anonymity of middle age with relief, others fight it every step of the way. Which ever camp you are in, here are some thoughts on what to avoid and what to embrace on the style front once you’ve hit middle age. (Whenever that is! When you find out, let me know.)


Grey guide

If you are one of those fortunate women who have dreamy silken tresses in silvery grey that seem to shimmer like moon-dust, then keep doing whatever you’re doing. If however, your grey hair is coarse with yellow tones it is probably ageing you. Most grey hair has an ageing effect, sometimes it can be neutralised with the use of specialist shampoos and conditioners that add a touch of blue to the tone. Alternatively, you’ll find many gentle dye products available to provide warm natural tones to breathe colour and youth back into your hair.

Try new styles

Experiment with new clothing styles to give you a lift. Have you seen playsuits? It’s not only Taylor Swift who can rock playsuits, there are styles suited to all ages and shapes. This fun and flirty one-piece garment is interpreted in so many ways, you can find one for every occasion. Whether it’s casual denim, party styles in glamorous silk or velvet, neat tailored designs that would work at the office or soft floral numbers for summer days – they all look good. If you’ve got the legs for it, wearing a playsuit confirms you are still interested, committed and engaged with what’s going on in Planet Fashion.

Bra boost

Does your bra fit? Experts in the field of bra-tech recommend annual fittings to make sure everything is being well supported. With hormonal changes and weight loss and gain around this time of life, there can be significant movement in this area. A great bra can smooth out your silhouette, accentuating the best bits, making you seem taller, slimmer and more streamlined. When things are working well underneath, what you put on top looks fabulous.

Colour update

Many women tend to wear a uniform of black or grey as they grow older. Whilst such shades can be stylish and neutral and good for trimming the silhouette, they can sap colour from the skin tone. Our complexions are not as luminous as we age and colours we once glowed in, now make us look green and slightly nauseous (not a great look!) The trick is to brighten your complexion with vibrant shades close to the face – accessories such as bold necklaces of silk scarves inject life into an outfit and colour back into your cheeks. Reds and blues are shades that most skin tones can carry off well, however paler yellows and mauves can be troublesome.

Denim doubts

Jeans can be a minefield as you get older. Mum jeans are tragic, but so is wearing the same style as your teenage daughter. There’s a middle way us middle-agers have to tread, and sometimes it’s hard to navigate. Most denim labels and even supermarkets carry wide ranges for all body shapes and style junkies, so it’s just a matter of finding something that works for you. As a general rule, avoid denim with too much stretch in the fabric, whilst this is more forgiving (and comfortable) it sags more readily and baggy-bum syndrome will strike. Skinny jeans are on a downward trajectory and flares are coming back on trend – so factor that into your next jeans shopping expedition.

Shapely not shapeless

Don’t hide heavy hips, tum or bum under baggy blazers. Anything boxy in navy blue or tweed immediately identifies you as ‘old’, so just delete them from your wardrobe and move on. Tailored, structured garments can be flattering when pinched in at the waist and shorter, bolero style jackets elongate legs – just avoid frumpy shapes and fabrics that don’t do you any favours.

Stay young looking with these tips for women who are growing older, but not necessarily growing up.

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