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Get a Painless Back, Opt for Breast Reduction Surgery

Factors such as time, weight loss/gain, aging and childbirth have a significant effect on the physical appearance of the body. Whereas, some women are naturally endowed with breasts that are heavier compared to the proportion of their body.Big breasts, while much desirable, have cons of their own. Considerable amount of women suffer from conditions that are caused by the heavy weight they carry in the form of breasts. Chronic back ache and neck ache are to name a few.

In quest of restoring youthfulness and vibrancy to the body or to get a load off, breast reduction surgery is one of the most common procedures that women request. Also it is amongst the most successful plastic surgery procedures because its results are quite predictable.When suffering from conditions such as extra heavy breasts, the first thing we try are non-surgical treatments which unfortunately provide little or no relief. They are not the permanent solution to the problem.

Breast Reduction SurgeryOverview of Macromastia

Macromastia is the medical term that is used to define having large breasts. This condition cause pain in different areas of the body along with numerous physical problems, this is defined as symptomatic macromastia. Having heavy breasts disrupts the routine activities of the ones suffering from the condition since it disturbs several body functions. Obesity, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, discomforting posture, chest wall pain, rashes under and between breasts, numbness of hands are symptoms that show that you need to seek professional help regarding the issue at hand. The expertise of breast surgeon Dr. Crispin in Atlanta is quite known in this regard. You can consult with him by visiting breast reduction Atlanta center.The symptoms mentioned above may pose similarity to conditions such as disk problems or neck arthritis. But usually, the patients of symptomatic macromastia are diagnosed straight away.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Treatments

Women who suffer from mild occasional symptoms usually find that non-surgical treatments such as massage, physical therapy, heat packs help in relief. On the contrary, women who go through severe persistent symptoms have to opt for surgical treatment as the low success rate of the non-surgical procedures is documented in the medical literature. Remedies such as wearing a good support bra has also been considered but it didn’t come out to be as beneficial as expected since it aided in increasing chest wall, shoulder and neck symptoms.

What about weight loss? As healthy as it is, weight loss has been repeatedly turned down as an effective treatment for macromastia. Because it is not about the weight only, gravity plays a significant role in making the breasts longer and heavier. The breast skin is not only stretching but increasing in volume as well. When there is an increase in breast skin volume, the change is permanent, hence weight loss won’t help since it’s irreversible.

Mammaplasty, The Breast Reduction Surgery

Mammaplasty is the medical term used for the breast reduction surgery. The procedure has proved to be highly effective since it confronts the symptomatic macromastia head on. Several medical studies have shown that the mammoplasty has great benefits when it comes to treating heavy breasts. The procedure has proved successful in relieving pain, better lung function, enhanced skeletal stability, improved physical function, better sleep and reduced headaches. The mammography also shows better breast visualization.

The satisfaction rate of patients have been rated pretty high. There are rarely any patients who did not experience a considerable amount of relief after the surgery. The breast reduction surgery is a very basic part of the training that plastic surgeons go through. The plastic surgeons however vary in expertise when it comes to performing the breast reduction surgery. Some of them discharge their patients right away, the same day while others keep them overnight to monitor them. Whatever the scenario, the patients undergo the treatment with general anesthesia. The incision care of the patient is not so difficult but the recovery time for every patient is different so some people might experience delays in healing. Know more by seeking professional help at breast reduction Atlanta GAcenters.

Majority of the patients recover quick and are able to resume routine activities fully within six week duration of the surgery. As far as the final breast shape is concerned, that may take a while and not be apparent until a couple of more months. It is important to note that all breast surgeries will leave scars that may require more evaluation for future mammograms. Learn more by logging on to breast surgery Atlanta pages.

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