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Georgia, one of the states to practice strictest DUI laws

DUI offenses can be deadly. While states in the US are doing everything possible to combat it, there are still a significant number of DUI cases reported to occur every year. The consequences arising with DUI are severe and cost lives of thousands of people across the country. It is due to this reason that laws are stringent for the underage (people under 21 years of age).

How a dui defense lawyer helps your case

DUI defense lawyers are now saying that Georgia is following the harshest ever law for DUI along with other few states. If on comparing the sentence for DUI that all the states define which include the penalty, prison time, license revocation/ suspension, Ignition Interlock Device program, and Zero Tolerance factor, Georgia is one of the states that has made some significant efforts in deterring the citizens to commit DUI.

When it comes to sentencing the harsh to harshest of penalties, Georgia, the Peach state of the US is known for administering suspension of driver’s license along with prison sentence. The person charged with Driving Under the Influence has the Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08% or greater. If the individual has been convicted of DUI for the first time, then he/she will be jailed for 10 days. For the second subsequent conviction, the person will face 90 days of prison time.

License Suspension

According to the DUI Defense lawyers, for DUI crime, the offenders will also get their driver’s license suspended for about 12 months which, among all other states is highest in Georgia.

Programs for DUI

Georgia encourages people to be aware of the consequences of DUI and is combatting the DUI convictions. The state has made some notable achievements in this endeavor. The Peach state has introduced mandatory prevention programs including the sobriety checkpoints, child endangerment protection, and initiative to “no-refusal” for rapidly performing the sobriety testing of the driver.


1.Georgia practices strict DUI laws whereas in Atlanta the constitutional protections that ensure citizens exercise their rights during the information collected on scene, initial stop, and admissibility of evidence during the trial.

2.There are several protections under the DUI laws of Atlanta relating to the breath or blood alcohol test and the associated scientific issues. These laws also take into consideration the prescription drugs impact and absorption rates.

3.The defense also takes into account the subjectivity of the police official who was responsible for making the arrest of the charged. Also his/her diligence in the completion of written incident report.

If your DUI Defense Lawyer has a considerable experience in winning the DUI defense cases, then you have strong possibilities for winning the case. But, your lawyer will need to understand and prepare for all ins and outs of the case and investigate it thoroughly to build unbreakable defenses. Nowadays, there are DUI defense lawyers in Atlanta who are offering free consultation post which the charged subject is at the liberty to decide to hire a specific DUI lawyer.

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