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Fun Things You Can Do On Your Android

Android phones have upgraded to 5.0 and now run on the Lollipop version. While the biggest changes have come in the aesthetics of the phone, there are some new things you can do with the phone. Here are just a few of them.

Fun Things You Can Do On Your Android

Bluetooth to Everything

With the Lollipop version on the Android, you can set up your Bluetooth device and have your phone pair easily with any device that is nearby. The Smart Lock on the menu will allow you to designate which devices are trusted. This includes smartwatches, stereos, speakers, headsets, and anything else that has Bluetooth capabilities. It is necessary for you to have your screen lock on so that your phone stays on when the Bluetooth is set up.

Face Lock

A security feature that has gotten an overhaul with the new Lollipop is the Face Lock feature. This security feature is in the Smart Lock menu, under the Trusted Face section. You will need to train your phone to recognize your face and then press the power button. This feature was available on previous versions but it was very fickle and did not always work. It is now easier to train and works to identify your face immediately. This cool new security measure helps to make sure no one can access your phone without you present.

Ok Google

The voice command system on the Android device has gone high tech. You can now set up the Google services to immediately react when you say the words, “Ok Google.” You can ask your phone a series of questions or give it a series of commands, such as setting an alarm or timer. The best part is you do not need to have it in your hands for it to respond to the voice command, making it ideal for finding directions while driving without having to touch a button.

Set up Priority Notification Modes

Lollipop brings the ability to set up priority notification modes, where you can signify when messages will not bother you. This is very similar to Tasker, but not as complex and is part of the sound notification menu. You can let your phone know what numbers or activities are considered high priority and they will alert you, while everything else is silenced. The only downside to this feature is the need to make sure it is set up correctly or you will miss notifications.

Create Guest Access

One of the coolest features that is available with Lollipop is the guest access mode. This allows your friends to access your phone or tablet, without having to worry about them messing up your side of the device. Simply tap the avatar in the right corner of the notification window and select guest. To switch back, you will need to enter any security measures you have set up, but the process is the same.

Android has made a lot of changes and created some new features to try out. They have also added several hidden features including a Flappy Bird game that you can get to when you click on the Android Version several times.

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