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Four Household Items Every Luxury Diva Needs


Work it, girl. Being a diva doesn’t just come down to maintaining the sound of your voice, but the stature of your image. That means playing it safe at home, and the background of your life, has to be a preparation and safe haven where you can rest to stand again and be a true diva. There are four luxury items each diva needs at home to help maintain her status outside of it – and they aren’t a part of her make up or outfit.

Casoro Jewelry Safes 

Jewelry, whether you choose to drape yourself all over in it or to only wear a few select pieces, is an integral part of being a diva for most of us. Unfortunately, criminals exist who want to take away our happiness. One of the best protection methods I’ve found for this are custom, luxury safes. Some of the best that I’ve trusted for quite a while now are Casoro Jewelry safes. They are made specifically for jewelry and are able to be installed or designed however you would like them – different colors and sizes are included in this (see this example to learn more) – and are nearly impossible to break into, due to the material they’re designed with.

Proactiv Acne Treatment

Jessica Simpson wasn’t wrong in all of those cheesy commercials!Proactiv Solution works really well, and it’s important as part of your image to not only keep your skin healthy, but spotless. Proactiv does the job really well – applying it to your face just a bit every day actually removes your acne. I’ve been using it for probably three years, and before then I had a very bad case of acne. I don’t spend so much money on cover up anymore however, due to the little bits of proactiv I use daily.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap rankedDr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap as number one in theirtop 20 list of best soaps – and they weren’t wrong. Healthy as well as environmentally conscious even, the non-GMO, paraben-free body cleanser is made up of only certified organic oils in accordance with the National Organic Standards program. The bottles that hold it are completely post-consumer recycle, as well. Not only that, but the healthy physiological effects of essential oils don’t hurt!

Home Tanning Kit

Toning is essential in this worldly age! If you don’t want all of the bright lights and camera flashes to reflect off your skin like glare on a television screen, I recommend getting an at-home tanning kit. There would be no reason not to! Something like this, which comes with different oils and a mobile unit so you can tan wherever around your home, works well.

Now that you have these quintessential items in mind, get out of the house and be fabulous!


Cassie L. Stevens loves to write, plan weddings, and spend time with her families horses.


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