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Five Reasons to Choose Go4hosting Data Center

Go4Hosting is known as one of the leading data center service providers in India. It offers wide array of hosting services to different types of clients (belonging to different industries) world over. Important websites as well as applications of clients are ensured to remain functional round the clock. For ensuring prevention of any kind of unwarranted as well as unethical intrusion, scalable data centers are circumscribed under various layers of security. The security layers not only include software based security but also placement of CCTV surveillance and security guards at important points.

Best in class industry practices are followed for meeting unique needs of businesses. This ensures that the entrepreneurs are able to concentrate solely on core works and the server related problems and infrastructure are managed by Go4Hosting data center solutions. Before charting out the 5 important reasons why you should choose Go4hosting data center, it is important to have an overall idea about the offerings.

data center service provider

data center service provider

Overall Beneficial Features

Unparalleled reliability is one of the important offerings of Go4hosting, coupled with unswerving commitment. For eliminating any kind of failure, data centers of the company uses Cisco and Foundry components. 99.95 per cent network uptime is guaranteed. Highly reliable as well as prompt connectivity are ensured through multi-homed network, which is again done with the help of redundant high-speed carriers. No matter what the situation is, stipulated uptime is provided to clients as the data centers are incorporated with Diesel Generator Power, Battery Power, and redundant HVAC. Overall network utilization is maintained at a low level so that durability is maintained. This helps in dealing efficiently with DDOS, DOS attacks, or other large internet routing issues. Before going into dealing with the details associated with Go4hosting’s data centers, it is important to know that these data centers are of Tier III so that the analysis of benefits can be done with the same tier data centers only.

5 Reasons to choose Go4hosting Data Center

Though there are multifarious reasons of choosing this data center, here are the 5 reasons why you should choose that of Go4Hosting:

Reason #1 – Network uptime is SLA Backed

Main objective here is to keep the business function going on and that’s why Go4hosting ensures that 99.95 per cent of guaranteed network uptime is provided all the time. SLA or Service Level Agreement is a documented contract between internal/external customers and service provider, which makes the 99.95 per cent uptime guaranteed. The main purpose of signing SLA is to measure the services provided by the data center service provider to the client. This in turn helps clients in justifying as well as comparing quality of service with other vendors. SLA mentions information such as uptime, availability, specific performance benchmarks, concurrent user numbers, application response time, advance network change notification, usage statistics, response time of help desk for different problems, and many more. In case, there is any downtime or documentation issue, the Service Level Agreement charts out compensation the service provider will provide the customer.

Reason #2 – Carrier Neutral Facility

Businesses can opt for their preferred telecommunication network because of the availability of carrier neutral data center facility at Years of accumulated data shows that businesses prefer carrier neutral data centers and the main reasons behind them are reliability, redundancy, flexibility, connectivity cost, and portability. If there is any special need or any kind of problem faced by the business, it can change the telecom network service as and when required.

Reason #3 – Lowest Latency

Lowest latency for clients’ applications are ensured by the innovative techniques and advanced servers. Maximum user satisfaction is guaranteed with the facility of lowest latency. When we say latency, we essentially mean the total time required for a message to travel within a network system from one point to another. In another similar sense, latency is considered as the time taken for a packet to return to the sender. Therefore, it can be said that lowest time required for a message to travel from one point to another within a network can be ensured by better bandwidth (which is again the data amount that can be transferred every second or millisecond).  Latency literally means delay. It is always preferred if the message delay time is the lowest.

Reason #4 – N+1 Redundancy

There is practically no scope of power outage and component failures when you are using Go4Hosting. It is because the data centers managed by them are completely redundant in nature. Therefore, when a business uses Go4Hosting, there are many recovery systems as well as back-up systems. This makes the journey of business smooth, where the business owner or manager needs to deal with the core aspects of businesses only and not with secondary aspects such as servers and downtimes.

Reason #5 – Amazing Technical Assistance

Go4Hosting maintains a team of technology experts round the clock. This feature ensures that the clients get technical assistance from experts on applications, network, and IT assets 24×7.

These are the 5 reason why Go4Hosting data centers are chosen by the businesses.

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