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Feel the Thrill with Water Adventure Sports in Goa

Adventure sports in Goa

Goa is a place that gives limitless opportunities to people who are adventure freak and loves to indulge in breath-taking activities. Adventure rides are held both for kids and adults satiating their levels of adrenaline all throughout the year. However, monsoons are the favoured season to visit Goa if people want to try out the various forms of monsoon water sports in Goa.

You can visit any of the beaches in Goa where monsoon water-sports are organised. You have to book your trips in advance with any organisation and pay the advance booking amount. The people from the organisation will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and drop you after the trip gets over. In the Tsunami Island, you can enjoy the exquisite Konkan coast while you engage in the various water sports conducted here.

Feel the Thrill with Water Adventure Sports in Goa

The first adventurous water-sport which you must try is the Jet Ski Ride. As you ski through the water, you can view the beautiful sites located along the coastline. The other water-sports available here are the banana boat ride, which you will thoroughly enjoy if you with friends or in large numbers. You can also hop along with other adventurous souls on the banana boat. If you are a thrill seeker, you can try out the bumper ride and the speedboat ride to pump up your adrenaline. On these rides, you are the captain of your own ship, and you have to maintain balance and control.

Water scooter rides are also available where you can go in pairs or pair up with a trainer.  If the underwater life fascinates you, then you must surely try scuba diving. This is a 45 minutes activity conducted by experts providing an international standard of safety. You will also be accompanied by experts and trainers during the diving session.

The other water-sports, which you should try is parasailing. Try this only if you are not scared of heights. You can enjoy the vastness of the sky and the beauty of Goa by flying 100 feet above the ground. And if you are a thrill seeker, do not miss out on fly-boarding. With all the sweeps, twists and turns you will have a wonderful time flying high and hitting the water again.

If you do not prefer high-intensity thrill, you can opt for paddle boating or backwater cruising. You can enjoy paddle boating in the calm waters of Goa while relaxing and spending some leisure time. Or, you can indulge in backwater cruising on the rivers of Goa and watch crocodiles, spot dolphins or spend time fishing. You can also try out Kayaking in the most scenic rivers of Goa.

Another famous monsoon water-sport is river rafting in Goa on the Mhadei River and ValpoliRiver. This is a unique experience and is a mandatory option on the bucket list of tourists visiting Goa. As a beginner, you can raft through rapid 2 to rapid 4 comfortably. In some places, water might be turbulent; however, with all sorts of safety gears and trained instructors you can have your share of fun without any worries!

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