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Features And Availability Of The Dual OS Teclast X98 Air Phablet

Add to your entertainment quotient with this high end Teclast X98 and Android4.4 Phablet 3g- US PLUG SILVER. The product comes with Intel Z3736F Quad Core 2 processor along with a 2GB RAM and 64 GB ROM memory. The powerful processor ensures up to 60% reduction in total power consumption, so there is no more reason to stay stuck with the power cord. This phablet is multitasking in its true sense and can be an ideal companion for gaming and entertainment. The model is equipped with Intel HD(Graphics Gen 7 GPU) processor which is not only better but faster and makes gaming a more splendid experience.

The phablet comes with a high tech system which can sense gravity and powerful OTG functions which make it simple to connect it with mouse, keyboard, projector, printer or whatever else you might need to put data in and out. The device has a screen of 9.7” that provides high quality picture with the best clarity. Hence be it watching movies, playing your favorite 3Dgame or web browsing, you can always expect the best and complete experience. The gadget has dual operating system, Android 4.4 + Win 10, which makes it ideal for different types of applications. So, now if you are impressed enough and willing to know from where you can buy this high tech product, let us inform you that it is available from

This tablet PC has excellent power along with excellent features that are useful and effective to add to your lifestyle. The gadget has HDMI port, and hence you can simply connect it with your television or a projector to get a bigger screen image. It comes with dual camera, the 5.0MP back camera comes with features like auto focus and you can also use it for recording videos. There is also the right arrangement to make this product selfie ready. The 2.0MP front camera captures pictures with fine clarity. One of the most powerful features of this phablet is its battery. This system comes with 8000mAh battery which ensures longer usage without worrying about recharging. The product has a sleek and refined look, it is easy to carry and smooth to touch. Apart from all the above, the gadget is available for a highly discounted price and can be your best buy of the season. If you are planning to check out more verities and options you can find more cheap tablet pc here.

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