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Facts, Tips and Information Related To Driving Theory Test in the UK

In the last several years, the driving test in the UK has seen several changes. They have added theory test. These have been designed into two sections, so as to create better awareness level and test your competence to detect hazards. Majority of accidents occur in first several months, after the new driver passes a driving test.


Facts and tips to consider

If you are prepared to take a theory test then here are some facts you need to be aware of.

  • Provisional license is a must to take driving theory test.
  • Driving theory test can be taken, if you hold a valid provisional license.
  • Remember the driving license is valid only till your 17th birth date.
  • You can book for driving theory test three months before your 17th birthday.
  • However, you will get a theory test date on or after your 17th birthday date.
  • An exception is provided for people receiving disability allowance. These people’s provisional licenses go into effect as soon as they turn 16.
  • To get a legal provisional license, it is necessary that the new learner taking the practical test must come in a properly licensed, insured and taxed car. The cars condition needs to be worthy for the road.
  • Practice driving with an adult of minimum 21 years and holding a license for minimum three years.
  • License plate need to echo that you are learning to drive. There must be a big “L” positioned on the rear and front car bumpers.

Driving theory tests are computer based. You can book the exam online visiting There are two sections, where first part includes multiple choice followed by hazard perception test.

Necessary study materials will be available on the internet or DSA website. The Highway Code will help you understand the traffic signs as well as other essential skills needed for driving.

Test format

Section 1st – Multiple choice test

It includes 50 randomly asked multiple choice questions, which needs to be attempted in maximum 57 minutes. To pass, you will need to answer minimum 43 of them correctly.

Sections 2nd – Hazard perception test

You will need to see 14 videos of one minute. These videos are designed to evaluate your awareness about potentially hazardous conditions towards scenarios, you may experience while driving. Your scores depend on the speed you spot hazards and take actions for avoiding. Test time limit is 20 minutes and passing mark is 44/75.

What kind of knowledge is necessary for written driving test?

The Highway Code – Reading this book is a MUST for all drivers, bikers, pedestrians and equestrians. It helps them to know the road rules as well as safety laws. All the advice and updates related to road safety laws are included regularly.

Traffic signs – Knowledge about traffic signs is essential.

Theory test questions – DSA publishes the latest theory question copy, so ensure to select the current handbook. It is the best way to take a mock-up test. Taking mock tests allows you to get familiar with the real test format.

Preparation for hazard test perception – You will need to practice hazard perception skills. There are many online websites, which provide CDs or you can take practice test online.

Results will be available at the test centre within an hour of the conclusion of exam.

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