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Evolution Of Google: 15 Years Later

Google is one of the largest American corporations. Their technological advances in Internet-related services and products continue to grow as their company continues to expand. Founded by Sergery Brin and Larry Page, Google has made several advances in online advertising, search and mobile technology. Below you will read the evolution of the company and its services with highlighted areas as learned in organizational leadership courses online.

Accessible Information

Google Inc. strives to organize the information of the world. By making information accessible in a simple way, this California-based company has helped countless people find useful information online. While this was their main focus in 1998, Google has experienced a rapid growth rate that has helped them to partner with other corporations and create or acquire several product lines and expand beyond the Internet’s favorite search engine. Today, Google processes over a billion searches daily and this number continues to grow.


Most of Google’s developments have centered on productivity. Gmail and Google Documents help people share information quickly and easily using cloud technology. To browse the Internet, several people choose to download Google Chrome, a specially developed web browser. This helps Google to create an all-inclusive Internet experience for many people. Like similar browsers, plug-ins are available to streamline the Internet browsing process and allow users to fully customize their experience.

Social Media

Social media has also become a major part of the Internet experience, and Google has been at the heart and center of this trendy development. Google+ has joined the social networking world as a favorite among advertisers and business owners. While services like Google+ entered the social networking race late, Google worked closely to develop several different social websites before its release. Blogger and YouTube are both excellent examples of social networking and both have been thriving for several years.

Mobile Technology

One of the biggest evolutions of Google has been their expansion into mobile technology. When Google developed the Android OS, they made it adaptable for several different carriers and manufacturers. Highly customizable, the Android OS features direct Google posts and more in just a few short clicks.

Hardware Integration

Lately, most of Google’s evolution has been in hardware. While it has previously partnered with companies to create mobile devices such as the Motorola Nexus, the company wants to branch further into computing. The Chromebook, the first device to ever use the Chrome OS, is a portable netbook that has many of Android’s features with a Windows-esc feel.

As Google continues to evolve as a company, they are developing more devices that can’t be described as anything but “futuristic”. Google Glass, for example, will increase mobile users by having them wear a very thin lens that allows them to compute on the go. Relying on voice activation technology, the glasses will show a small screen only visible to the user. No mouse or keyboard is required to use this small device that fits comfortably over the eye.

In years to come, Google is expected to continue to evolve and grow their technology. Their lifestyle-changing advances have changed the way many companies think about computing and advertising on the Internet. As they continue to grow and experiment, there is no telling what exciting developments they will make in the future.

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