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Everything You Wanted to Know About Custom Enamel Pins

custom soft enamel pins

Lapel pin has gained more popularity because of its design and fashionable work. It is not only great for promotion but also famous for giving recognition to people.

The simple but effective pink ribbon campaign sold lapel pins with all the researches. Before ordering your custom lapel pins, decide for which purpose it is needed.

Lapel pins can be created with your organization’s safety slogan or record. Many pin manufacturers company specialize in eye-catching safety pins with bright colors.

A custom pin will make your company recognized, particularly if you attend conferences and events regularly. Make sure your employees wear lapel pins during such prestigious events as they will make your presence more distinct. Also, you will attract individuals to check out your company.

There are various kinds of lapel pins like soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, 3d mold pins, offset epoxy pins, printed pins, die struck, etc.

Custom lapel pins are used for a variety for purposes be it reinforcing branding with your clients, or increasing levels of exposure, giving your employee recognition or service awards. It is a must for trade-show event, or exchanging business cards to leave a lasting impression.

There are two types of custom lapel pins that are used to serve a variety of purposes.

Custom Soft Enamel Pins:

Creating these pins takes the enamel to laid in the recessed areas and put through ovens to bake the enamel hard. These pins are a custom pin option with limitless customization. It is one of the most popular pins available as it is less expensive. But it provides high quality and durability. Firstly the image is stamped in the metal and then it is cut to size. Then the badges are plated in the metal plating such as gold or nickel.

Custom Hard Enamel Pins:

Hard enamel pins are also known as pole pin. It is a die struck pin with a hard enamel finish. Hard enamel pins are used for events giveaways, corporate giveaways, political events, and sporting events.

To make hard enamel pins, the enamel is added before the plating is added. Numerous polishing process is being done in hard enamel pins. So it gives the pin much smoother n finished look.

The bottom line on custom enamel pins, There are companies that offer customized work on custom soft enamel pins as well as custom soft enamel pins.

The manufacturer companies have all the information available on their websites regarding pricing and all. Some of the companies require you to submit information on their quote.

This will typically include your contact information, a description of the type of custom pins you are looking to order. Once you submit the form the company will request your requirement and contact you with the estimated price.

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