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Essential Summer Gear That You Need In Winter

With arrival of winter, you will keep your tanks and shorts in closet and wear jackets and thermals. But you can use some warm weather accessories in the winter also as these are still very useful. Hence you will not have to say goodbye to all your summer stuff but look for the stuff that you can still use in winter. These summers gears can also be used in winter which include –

Essential Summer Gear That You Need In Winter

Sunscreen –

Sunscreen is not only used when you are going out in sizzling summer sunshine as it is a common mistake that everyone make. The sun rays are strong enough even in winters which can cause damage all year round as sun reflects UV light that can make you sunburn similar to the effect a day on beach. Hence it is very important to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher appropriately for practicing safe sun before you go anywhere. You should also use lip balm with SPF for keeping your lips protected from cold weather as well form as sun rays.

Sunglasses –

After covering your face with sunscreen you will also need to protect your eyes because the skin around your eyes is extra delicate and it is also vulnerable to sun as the glare from ice and snow can make it impossible for you to see. It also protects you from slipping and running off the road in winters but you need to look for a pair that can make you feel comfortable. There are some sunglasses that are especially made for runners as these are customized for varying uses and needs. You can also use wide brimmed hat for keeping your head warm and for shielding your eyes.

Water Bottle –

Water is not only essential when you are running in summers, you also need it to meet water requirements when you are at your peak performance. You need to sip water throughout the day for staying hydrated and remember to drink a glass of water before and after your workout, most importantly during strenuous activities.

Moisture Wicking Apparel –

When you are experiencing frightful weather, you might be tempted to wear many layers of clothes before you go out but it can eventually lead to cold sweat soaking clothes. If you want to stay dry and warm in winter then you need to look for clothes that are made of moisture wicking material that you generally wear in summer as these clothes should be your base layer. This is the best way to prevent sweat from getting trapped under the layers of clothes and it will also keep you warm in chilly weather.

Foam Rollers –

These foam rollers are not strictly used in summer but if you practice foam rolling then you will need this tool both in summer and winter weather. The reason is that the cool temperature means you have to do more intense and long workouts leading towards sore muscles and lots of foam rolling. As sold weather can make your muscles tight and achy even after short runs, you can try different stretching techniques as it can become very beneficial because they keep your mobility and flexibility check all year round.

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