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Entertaining Business Partners? Four Personal Touches To Leave A Great First Impression

Business deals have been made and lost on the ability of hosts to entertain partners and guests. Even the shrewdest businessperson will be thoroughly impressed and softened by the personal touches you add to meetings and leisure events. When it comes to entertaining business partners, you want to be more like Martha Stewart and less like Donald Trump; to this effect, here are four recommendations you should follow:

Personal Transportation

If you expect business partners or prospects to fly in to visit you, the last thing you want to do is to let them figure out ground transportation on their own. First of all, you should make every effort to meet them at the airport. If you can’t make it, try to send a sharp and trustworthy associate. Even if your business deal will only be worth a few thousand dollars, you should arrange for limousine transportation like those at A&A Limousine & Bus Services, particularly for their arrival and departure.

Culinary Entertainment

If you plan to spend many hours discussing deals in your office, you should strongly consider hiring a catering firm to prepare hors d’oeuvre platters and small snacks that can be easily enjoyed during breaks. The idea is to designate a corner, decorate a table and present the snacks on garnished trays. Your guests should be able to help themselves to coffee, snacks or beverages at any time during their visit.

Day Tours And Activities

You can never go wrong with sightseeing. If your office is located near tourist attractions, you should offer to take your guests there. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional tour guide if you cannot accompany your guests; they will certainly understand if you are too busy. When the visit is in the planning stages, ask your guests if they will have enough time to go sightseeing for an entire day.


Taking your guests out for dinner is mandatory; however, you may wish to research their cultural backgrounds beforehand. For example, Jewish and Muslim business partners should be respectively treated to kosher and halal meals; in fact, you should inform them of restaurants and cafes that conform to their religious dietary norms. Do you research to understand what exactly your guests will enjoy, and try to plan the trip around that.

In the end, showing your business partners a great time with personal touches will increase your chances of landing a great deal; if not this time, maybe later.

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