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Easy Laptop Repairs – DIY

No matter how careful one tries to be with their laptop, if a problem has to arise, it will. If you have been experiencing some sort of a problem with your laptop, take a moment before you hire a professional and pay him a lot of money for something you could have done in a second. If you are unaware of how your laptop works, a professional might take advantage of it and take up a lot of money for a very basic task.

Therefore, if your laptop is experiencing any of the following of the problems, use the given solutions before panicking:

A Turtle Necked Charger

Sometimes when a job demands you to plug your charger in, unplug it, pack it, and roll it up, stuff it in a bag until the next time it has to undergo the above steps all over again.  If this happens just once or twice a day, it might not bring about the damage so quickly as compared to if it is going through this transfer of places several times in a day. In such cases the laptop charger develops folds at the end; these folds often look like your charger is wearing a turtle neck. This is a sign that the charger won’t last long now and you have to do something about it. You can purchase a sealant that won’t cost you much and will also be used time and again. Take some of it and apply it at the end of the charger spreading it out while unfolding the folds as you go. This untangles the problem and also secures the charger.

Easy Laptop Repairs  DIY

Cracked Top

Use plaster of Paris and insert it in the vacancy of your laptop which has developed due to a problem or a drop. Ensure that the plaster covers the whole fully and does not expose any vacancy once it has been inserted all the way through. Do not push it down to the extent that it comes in contact with a microchip or anything else. Ensure that it simply seals the damaged surface. Once you have completed it, use a smoothening tool to smooth it out like the remaining part of the laptop. Once you feel like it has attained the desired shape, let it dry. As it dries it will also harden and can be painted on later.

A Dysfunctional Fan

Sometimes when something gets stuck between the wings of a fan that cause it to either stop and ultimately overheat the laptop or to slow down, slowing every process of the laptop down with it. In order to clear the fan out you can use a screwdriver to clean out the bits and spaces between the wings of a fan. This makes the fan run faster and also removes the minor, otherwise ignored dust particles.

Hence, if your problem seems to be malfunctioning, keep in mind that not always is the problem as major as it seems. Read up a little on the problem that has occurred and you might be able to fix it yourself.

Aidan Snickers is the author of this article. If you click here, you can learn all you need to know about the wi-fi technology.

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