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Doesn’t Get Better Than Udaipur – Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Hands down, Udaipur is the most romantic city in India and for a good reason. Nothing beats getting married in the city of lakes with the very air full of love and romance. It is equally good for a honeymoon; you (the couple) can stay back for a few days as the guests start flying back to their destinations. Plus, the way Udaipur makes your wedding royal with its history is just what couples hope for all their lives. Here’s why everyone (including you) wants to get married in Udaipur:

Pre-wedding shoot

Wedding shoots are an essential part of a wedding, mostly for creating memories that stay with you forever. The natural landscapes in Udaipur like lakes and the Aravalli range offer the best of backgrounds for the shoot. Wouldn’t you like to pose like your favorite Bollywood stars while surrounded by landscapes that are hard to find elsewhere? The shots that come out make you look no less than the young prince and princesses who were heirs to this land.

A Foodie’s Paradise

The internet is filled with funny memes about individuals joking about food on their most important day. For those memes where the bride or groom choose food over other things, they must be thinking of food in Udaipur.     

When you seek extravagance, you seek it in everything and more so in food. Only the royal Rajasthani cuisine can bring royalty that one just cannot have enough of. Laal Maas (Red meat), Dal Baati Churma, Badaam ka Halwa, Gatte ki Sabzi will mesmerize all guests as well as the immediate family and of course, the couple.

The weather can’t get any better

Rajasthan is a state known for its soaring temperatures, which is ideal for a wedding. Udaipur, however, enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, which is why everyone can enjoy outside as much inside. You might even feel like you’re at a weekend getaway in Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh during summer.

The ceremonies can be held in the open, which is always more fun since the summers aren’t too hot, and winters don’t have everyone scurrying inside. So, if you haven’t been to Udaipur yet, let go off the assumption that it may be too hot and humid. If you happen to be there when it’s raining, you wouldn’t want to come back ever.             

Wedding next to a lake

You must have spent several nights thinking about the perfect wedding ceremonies. Did it include a beach or a lake? Well, Udaipur can certainly let you realize the latter if you so desire. You can take the pheras or the vows with the reflection of the grand celebration in the lake. If the occasion is right, you can even have the ceremony while the sunset seals your bond through time.

Get married at one of the luxury resorts in Udaipur like the Tree of Life resort. Plan your attires accordingly and dress like Maharajas and Maharanis. You can be sure that the wedding album will turn out to be like you have never seen before. Ask yourself, can it get any more royal than this?

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