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Does Your Small Business Need Security Guards? 4 Questions To Keep In Mind

Does Your Small Business Need Security Guards? 4 Questions To Keep In Mind

Theft and vandalism are major considerations for businesses. If you own a business and are wondering whether you should hire guards to protect it, consider these four points.

Does Your Business Have a Problem with Shoplifting?

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention reports that one out of every eleven Americans—or 27 million people—is a shoplifter. And if you are seeing massive—or even major—overheads due to lost inventory from shoplifting, it is likely time to invest in private security.

What Type of Business Do You Own?

If you sell any kind of demerit good—like tobacco, alcohol or even marijuana where the sale of it is legal—investing in private security is a terrific way to reduce safety concerns. There is a reason bars have bouncers: people don’t act rationally under the influence of alcohol, leading to fights and other disturbances. If you serve booze at your establishment—be it a club, bar or restaurant—an undercover or plainclothes guard is a smart thing to have. Desperate people also love to steal tobacco and alcohol, so more cigar bars and liquor stores should have security.

And your convenience store or another type of small retail outlet, investing in a security guard is an excellent idea.

What Kind of Neighborhood Are You In?

Are there a lot of bail bond outlets and pawn shops in your business’ neighborhood? If so, a security guard is definitely a good purchase. A security guard can also potentially boost sales because patrons will feel more safe and secure in your place of business. If your business is located in a remote or rural area, however, you may not need a security professional.

The Deterrent Factor

Simply having a security guard hired from a company like Security Services Northwest, Inc on the premises does much to deter criminals and dissuade them from stealing items, vandalizing property or robbing your businesses. Also, with the proliferation of mass shooting in the United States in the last decade, having an armed security guard helps protect you and your employees.

The Decision

Whether you decide to hire a security guard for your business or not, be sure to invest in basic security measures, like sturdy locks, cameras and alarms. These measures and hired human security might not just save your business: they could save your life.

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