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Discover the world of birds with a good pair of bird watching binoculars!

Is bird watching your hobby? Do you love to explore beautiful, colourful and chirpy birds while travelling? Is noting the feature of various birds is a part of your job? Then it’s time to surely invest in a good bird watching binoculars. There are many popular brands like Nikon, Canon, Zeiss etc that you can look for online and check all details before buying. When you are out on a trip and you see a pair of beautiful bird sitting on the branch of the tree, you will surely wish to see them closely. If you try to go nearby them, you will get nothing and end up making the birds fly. But if you have a good bird watching binocular with you, you will be able to closely observe each and every details of the bird.

You must be thinking why go for a specific bird watching binocular when normal binocular available in the market does the same job of magnification. Bird watching binoculars are specially designed to for observing all the minute details of small little chirpy creature. Bird watchers usually prefer a bird watching binocular only to pursue their hobby or profession.binoculars

How to buy a good bird watching binocular?

Things that need to be considered before picking a pair of bird watching binocular are discussed below:

  • Birds are the most unstable animals to be observed. They don’t stay still and keep flying from one branch to another. So it is very important that you select a binocular which has minimum close focus along with central focus. The focus control should be in the front only so that you can operate it with your index finger while watching the birds only. Binocular should be able to give you a sharp and focused image even if the bird is at a distance of 15 metres and less.
  • Magnification of the binocular is directly proportional to the clarity by which you can observe the birds. If you are observing small birds then high magnification will let you observe each and every feature of the birds. Magnification of the binocular should range between 7 and 10. It is observed that higher magnification reduces the area that can be seen in the binocular. It’s better to select a mid range binocular like with magnification of 8X.
  • Make sure that your bird watching binocular has a big objective lens. Bigger the objective lens, more light will enter in the binocular. It will make your bird’s colour look bright and vibrant. Sharp and colourful image of the bird can add to the joy of bird watching on a weekend.

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